Frequently Asked Questions

Please see also: Letter from CA. Legislative Analyst's Office
Can J.A.I.L. provide legal advice or referral to legal resources to help me with the corruption I now face?

J.A.I.L. cannot give legal advice or give referal to effective legal resources. Please see:

The Limited Scope of J.A.I.L.
"Options" For Judicial Discipline
Why Grand Juries Do Not Work
Appellate Court Brief Exposing The Doctrine Of Judicial Immunity
* * * Terri Schiavo & J.A.I.L. * * *
The Victor DePonceau Scam

Were it possible to do so there would not be a need for J.A.I.L.

J.A.I.L. can offer no opinion on the odds of success at these legal resources:

U. S. Observer

The Rutherford Institute

If you are victim of corruption in Los Angeles County in any case involving that county since 1988 Attorney Richard Fine explains how to attempt to void judgement in this video. J.A.I.L. can offer no opinion on the odds of success.

What prompted Ron Branson to found J.A.I.L.?
Why can't judges be disciplined by means currently available?
Please see:
The US Courts Established a Policy Excluding Any Papers Pertaining to Judicial Corruption from the First Amendment Right to File Petitions.
Deconstructing America Part I
Deconstructing America Part II
Lawless America
* * J.A.I.L. More Important Than the Polio Vaccine * *
Beating at The Door of The Grand Jury
Why Access to Grand Juries Are Being Blocked
* * * Understanding Judicial Commissions * * *
Need information
* * * Is There a Way Around the Need for J.A.I.L.? * * *
J.A.I.L. Is That "Light"
* * * Reviewing Courts and State Bars Seldom a Remedy * * *
Illegally Arrested As a "Terrorist" Under The U.S. Patriot Act
*** "We need the People to act to Improve our Judiciary" ***
* * How Bad Is Bad? * *
** Nevada Authorities Apprehensive of J.A.I.L. **
*** "Worrisome" Says California Chief Justice Ronald M. George ***
Judical Discipline - Federal
* * Judge Needs Another Job * *
To Elect or to Appoint Judges! Is There an Answer?
Judicial Elections Are An Imperfect, Best Option
Judicial Discipline Reform - Similar but not exactly the same as J.A.I.L.
Of special interest on this site: The Dynamics of Corruption
My Own Experience Filing A Complaint In Vermont Against A Judge
Will J.A.I.L. overburden the courts by reversing too many "dismissals as frivolous" decisions so all these cases would have to go to trial?
Most of the lawsuits dismissed as frivolous are truely frivolous and deserve to be dismissed so as not to overburden the courts. But not all of them. Dismissal as frivolous is also used by corruption in the legal system to conveniently eliminate cases that are in disfavor. One of things that prompted Ron Branson to found J.A.I.:L. was experiencing this with his own cases in court.
Please see:
Ron's Bio
9th Circuit Court of Appeals
How will "qualified" people be selected to sit on the Special Grand Jury?
Please see:
Who's Going to Select the Qualified Special Grand Jurors?
Jurors Smarter Than First Thought

What is J.A.I.L.'s response to the resolution passed by the South Dakota Legislature opposing J.A.I.L.?

After the passage of J.A.I.L. could a judge be sued or prosecuted and go to jail for handing down a decision the loser of the case, or anyone else, disagreed with or did not like?
Not just anyone will be able to sue a judge. The Special Grand Juries will be a check on this. Immunity will be stripped only for those corruption cases the juries deem sufficiently strong. Law abiding judges need not be concerned.
The Special Grand Juries will hear cases only after all other remedies have been exhausted. They will exist as a final recourse when the current system of disciplining judges does not work the way it is supposed to. If it always works the way it is supposed to nothing will be different.
Please see:
*** J.A.I.L. Is Very Simple and Very Limited ***
Read and Understand the Amendment Before Reporting Irresponsibly On It
* What J.A.I.L. Would Accomplish Re: The Right to Petition *
** Two Basic Myths Being Spread About J.A.I.L. **
*** More on the Insurance Industry Opposition to Amendment E ***
* * * Decisions, Decisions, Decisions * * *
* * * Chief Justice Ronald Geoege Addresses California * * *
* * * Grand Juries: Are They The Enemy of The People? * * *
Will J.A.I.L. expose county commissioners, city council members, and school board members to lawsuit by people upset with their decisions?
J.A.I.L. will do nothing change their exposure to lawsuits. After passage of J.A.I.L. their exposure will be the same after passage as it was before passage because they have no immunity strip. As it is county commissioners, city council members, and school board members get sued all the time.
J.A.I.L. applies only to those who claim judicial immunity. Such immunity grants an absolute power that enables inevitable corruption.
Please see:
* * * Understanding The Term "Judge" * * *
* * * Understanding Judicial Immunity * * *
*** Not Who, But What ***
* * * Caught in a Legal and Constitutional Quagmire * * *
Should J.A.I.L. be expanded to cover police and prosecuters?
Will J.A.I.L. Lead To Anarchy?
Will J.A.I.L. allow convicted criminals to be released from prison to serve on the Special Grand Jury?
Would J.A.I.L. Destroy the independence of the judiciary and would that be a bad thing?
Please see:
* * Understanding Justice O'Connor's Interpretation of "Judicial Independence" * *
*** Beware of The Phrase: "Independence of the Judiciary" ***
** Not Just Above The Law, But Out-Laws **
J.A.I.L.'s Purpose: To Threaten Judges With Blackmail (Gazette-Times)
An Open Letter to News Reporters
*** Ponder These Seven Questions Daily ***
The Thomas Jefferson quote on the front page.
Is there right now any "Judicial Independance" to destroy?
Please See:
Judicial Independence: A Two Way Street
Law School Study Ranks Michigan Supreme Court In The Cellar
ABA Head is Dealing Mostly in BS
My state is not an initiative state. What can I do?
Please see:
** Good Advice For Non-Initiative States **
*** Too Many Legislatures Are Blocking The People ***
Regarding Alabama, a Non-Initiative State
Currently, how extensive is judicial immnunity and is there any recourse for blatent corruption under it?
Is J.A.I.L. affiliated with any political party, movement, or supportive of any other cause?
Is one of the aims of J.A.I.L. to strike down the Uniform Commercial Code?
I am a victim of judicial corruption. Can J.A.I.L. provide me with legal assistance?
How effective are Grand Juries against Judicial Corruption?
Why can't the problem be solved by voting bad judges out of office?
Voting Blindly On Judges
Who are the judges on the ballot?
California Solves Its Judicial Problems
L A Times Endorsements Ignore Judicial Crimes: Spark Debate Challenge
I want information to make voting decisions on judges anyway. Where can I get it?
Robe Probe. (Not affiliated with J.A.I.L.)
Even the best judges occasionally make errors in applying the law. Would passage of J.A.I.L. mean they would be criminaly prosecuted for them?
What powers do the people grant judges through the Constitution?
Reply to: * * Judicial Accountability v. Judicial Responsibility * *
** An Example of The Ignorance of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice **
How can I make a donation to Jail?
How much money is needed to get an initiative on the ballot?
Is it necessary to hire professional signature gatherers?
What is the psychology behind the J. A. I. L. T shirt design?
How can my own state's website be linked to from this national J.A.I.L. website?
How can I become a and become active in getting it passed in my state?
How can I effectively spread the word without spending much money?
What happened in South Dakota?
When the J.A.I.L. initiative was on the ballot in 2006 why did Bill Stegmeir suite over the South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long's ballot explanation?
The J.A.I.L. initiative was written in California, so what is it doing being in my state?
How can I link to J.A.I.L?
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