To All JAILers & News Sources:
Behind the scenes, some of us legal minds have been working on our next move in respect to the unlawful Resolution, HCR 1004 "passed" by the South Dakota Legislature.
Yesterday, Friday March 3, we finally launched our first missile via first class mail, to all of the homes of the Senators and Representatives of South Dakota.
Due to the letter being fourteen pages, this has to be sent by attachment. Also appended hereto is the South Dakota Legislative Resolution to which the letter responds.
The objective now is to give this letter publicity. Forward it on to as many contacts and media sources as you have. They will be very interested in following this.
-Ron Branson

The Letter that was sent: MS Word, PDF
The Unlawfull Resolution: MS Word, PDF
J.A.I.L.'s Point By Point Refutation of the Charges in the Resolution


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From: Bill Stegmeier
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Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2006 10:38 AM
Subject: SD J.A.I.L news

The attached letter was mailed to the home address of all 105 SD state legislators yesterday, March 3rd.   Also attached is the legislature's unlawful resolution that they passed opposing the South Dakota Judicial Accountability "Amendment E", which is on the November 7th 2006 SD ballot for the voters to decide.  (The Amendment can be read at
There will soon be a news release put out to all 139 SD newspapers addressing the illicit actions of the legislature in passing their bogus resolution and the fact that they have now been put on notice that we will hold them accountable for their inappropriate (illegal) actions, just like we are proposing to do with the judges.  Hmm.  Seems our SD legislators also have a problem with the "A" word.  They, like the judges of this state had better get used to it.  That goes as well for the prosecuting attorneys and right down to the slimy lawyers of this state. 
Amendment E has them all scared poopless!  Once judges are held accountable, they'll all have to fall in line.  Spread the word!

"To consider judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions is a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy".
                                                                         -- Thomas Jefferson