Illegally Arrested As a "Terrorist"
Under The U.S. Patriot Act
(By Peter MacDonald -
I, am a club member, but also one of your constant viewers   ....  A Madbury, New Hampshire family (strangers to me) called me on the phone.  They were having a zoning issue problem and wanted me to help them.  Their lawyers had depleted their savings and hung them out to dry.  They read my letters to the editor and asked me for help.  It seemed that the Madbury, N.H. elected officials were trying to run this family out of Madbury. 
I went to court with this family before Judge Peter Fauver in Strafford Superior Court who made me the attorney of record to represent this family. .... 
I took the case to the N.H. Supreme Court.  This court, knowing all the criminal violations of the N.H. and United States Constitutions, ruled the Case "Moot".  .... Judge Fauver made a statement in court that "Attorneys take an oath to protect each others character and that oath will not be violated in his court"  The N.H. Supreme Court ruling clearly honored this illegal, biased, and criminal act.  
I took the case to the First District Court in Concord N.H.  Federal Judge McAuliffe ruled that judges have immunity from criminal acts made by their decisions.  Discrimination is a criminal violation of our Constitution.  Judge Fauver ruled it was legal for the Madbury government to use the power intrusted in them by the voters to seek personal revenge against other citizens. 
The N.H. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Judge Fauver.  Now a federal judge rules to protect other judges.  A judge's first act in all decisions from the bench must be to protect the Constitutional rights of all citizens against abusive government acts.  I fought this case to the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.  They ruled the case the same.
The N.H. State police came to my house to order me to stop representing this Madbury N.H. family. I did not. The N.H. State Police then came to my house a second time and arrested me under the U.S. Patriot Act. 
I am now declared to be a Terrorist because I dared to defy the government's orders to stop representing a fellow American who is exposing corrupt government actions. I was arrested and placed in jail as a Terrorist for 6 months.  
Governor Benson, N.H., wrote the Veterans Hospital to declare that I was a Terrorist, and that they were to have my V.A. medical benefits discontinued. I wrote Governor Benson to ask why he would do such a criminal act.  I was arrested again a placed back in jail for speaking out. 
Our Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to petition our public officials for redress of grievances at any time and that right can not be diminished even by a judge. ....
Peter MacDonald 
465 Packersfalls Rd
Lee, N.H. 03824 
(603) 659-6217
Former Sgt., USMC