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The Battle Lines are Drawn:  J.A.I.L. versus The Foreign Power 

A Power Foreign to Our Constitution

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Life Without J.A.I.L.

by Barbie - ACIC, National J.A.I.L.



In 2006, it was revealed by actual experience that indeed a foreign power is running the united States of America, shown by the South Dakota regime pretending to be "government." Getting J.A.I.L. on the ballot in South Dakota forced that regime to reveal itself. It is all explained in our J.A.I.L. News Journal dated January 11, 2007 What Did the "Show-Election" in South Dakota REALLY Show? It showed that we are being run by a Foreign Power!   http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-01-11.html. See also our South Dakota website www.sd-jail4judges.org showing the evidence of the fraud perpetrated by a power foreign to the South Dakota and United States Constitutions operating in that state.  The South Dakota regime certainly is not government as seen by its conduct; nor could it be, within the meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the Laws of Nature.


Although J.A.I.L. didn't pass in 2006, the discovery that we don't have a government running this country, as witnessed by the actions of the South Dakota regime, was a big step in the education process for the American people --an education not available in the public schools. Learning the character of whom and what we are dealing with in the system is necessary to better know how to approach the problem. Uncovering the secret opens a new world of reality to the People after being kept in the dark by deception.


For instance, one thing we now know is that the 2006 South Dakota Election regarding J.A.I.L. was fraudulent and should be declared Null & Void See our news journal at http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2006/2006-12-29A.html. We closed that posting with the statement: But when fraud is allowed to carry the day on this election, it cannot be recognized as legitimate by J.A.I.L. This truth is backed up by our news journal titled

J.A.I.L. Didn't Lose, It Wasn't Honestly Presented to the Voters, http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2006/2006-11-19.html.

Finally, in the year 2008, 232 years after declaring American independence, we are beginning to see the results of the false and fraudulent scheme, set up and operated by the global foreign power designed to deceive the American people, imploding on itself worldwide. The People of the united States of America, having failed to pass J.A.I.L. in at least one state, are bound to suffer the consequences now beginning to unfold throughout the global empire. Without the People taking charge of their government, this disastrous outcome is inevitable. Every aspect of our lives will be affected. By nature, the foreign power criminal cabal cannot continue forever. The chickens are coming home to roost! The price of liberty is eternal vigilance-- we haven't been vigilant; therefore liberty has been forfeited. See Forfeiture of The Great American Experiment 12/7/07 http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-12-07.html (Forfeited for want of an enforcement provision in the Constitution).

July-December 2008: The world plunges into the heart of the global systemic crisis
"The upcoming six months are in fact the core of the unfolding crisis. The troubles met in the past six months were mere harbingers." All of these events are reflecting what life will be like without J.A.I.L. Although this is a global crisis because the foreign power is a global operation, J.A.I.L. concerns primarily restoring the founding principles to this country. We have many readers from other countries who agree that J.A.I.L. is needed in their respective countries as well, and of course the People of those countries are encouraged to take appropriate action there. 
In January of last year we wrote, warning the People not to be caught off-guard again: "That's [passing J.A.I.L. as a constitutional amendment] the only remedy that will work for the People, and that's why the Foreign Power is so deathly afraid of it passing. That alone is evidence that J.A.I.L. IS THE ONLY ANSWER! If the People keep denying that fact, it will only prolong the despotism we're under by a Foreign Power in this country. It won't stop on its own!  [although eventually the Laws of Nature will intervene, as we are witnessing the systemic crisis this year -j4j]  The main purpose of this JNJ is to alert the People of the fraudulent tactics being used by the opposition, to be aware of the seeds of deception being planted in the ears of the public, especially of small businesses--  be ready for it this time! Don't believe the lie, and end up voting for it!  Vote in favor of J.A.I.L. so that the People can finally CRUSH THE LIFE out of the Foreign Power running this country. They're scared-- ask yourselves 'Why?' "  The Foreign Power Planting Seeds oDeception   1/19/07 http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-01-19B.html 
Passing J.A.I.L. as a constitutional amendment or not, we are witnessing the systematic crumbling of the criminal cabal usurping government in America --indeed throughout the world-- on its own, without the People's help. The Laws of Nature on which the Declaration of Independence is based, will not allow the artificial world confederacy to continue by falsely propping itself up with crafty machinations fooling the People. It is operating that way on a fictional house of cards that even the powerful, rich and famous will not be able to sustain. We are witnessing that phenomenon right now.
Whether or not the People know it, understand it, or believe it, by Nature THEY are the sovereigns over any ruling regime. Although there are methods to overcome gravity, it is only a temporary conquest until the fuel is exhausted. "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it," declared international banker James P. Warburg (CFR) in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1950. "The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest." The Price of Losing by William P. Hoar http://reformed-theology.org/jbs/html/price_of_losing.htmSee Despotism by Default 12/20/07  http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-12-20.html.  As we said, "Obviously 'world government' won't be achieved by consent, so it will be achieved by conquest --if the People remain complacent and allow it to develop further." Id. However, if "world government" so-called is an operation against the Laws of Nature, i.e., against the true sovereigns, the People, it will be only a temporary conquest. Even the ignorance of the People cannot enable the foreign power to act permanently. The foreign power is beginning to run out of fuel on its own, even fuel under its own control. The rocket piloted by the foreign power is disintegrating before our eyes this year! All the fuel in the world isn't able to keep it together. The multi-billion-dollar profits cannot stay aloft against the Laws of Nature.


"He [the King of England] has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation." (Declaration of Independence). The power generated by the foreign power is a "pretended" authority having only a temporary reign until the vessel of which it is artificially crafted disintegrates under its own weight. This is a natural phenomenon beyond human control. If nothing else, seeing is believing.


J.A.I.L. would transform this artificial, counterfeit power into a genuine power by the People, the true sovereigns under the Laws of Nature. Government, instituted by the People for the protection of and respect for their rights, and monitored by them through a constitutional provision, would operate with genuine natural resources according to the Laws of Nature. It would stay together as long as the People maintained their duty as the sovereign authority as the Declaration indicates.


Until this year, witnessing the global economic collapse that is occurring, I was under the impression that it would be entirely up to the People to decide how to implement their right and duty to throw off the foreign power usurping government and provide new guards for their future security. See J.A.I.L. Has Exposed the Foreign Power Running South Dakota 1/19/07 http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-01-19A.html in which I stated: "The answer to my previous question, (What happens when a foreign power that has taken over control in this country prevents the People from exercising their inherent rights?) is that the People must decide what method of change is required 'to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.' One thing we know: Change is necessary; change will happen. The Laws of Nature will demand it. Being under the control of a Foreign Power is not in accordance with the state of Nature, and it cannot remain that way by Nature." 


I now see that I was wrong-- if the foreign criminal cabal in power blocks, by nefarious methods, the People's duty to throw off that power, as it did in South Dakota, making it impossible for the People to perform that duty, the Laws of Nature, needing no legislature, will automatically intervene, as we are witnessing today and will in the immediate future. Even if J.A.I.L. isn't passed, the People did have their chance for over a decade to pass it and escape tyranny; and for whatever reason, whether by propaganda or otherwise, J.A.I.L. hasn't yet been passed into law. So nature will be left to take its course.


The time will come when voting and J.A.I.L. will be too late. As philosopher John Locke stated in "Of the Dissolution of Government" Chapter XIX, 220 

... But the state of mankind is not so miserable that they are not capable of using this remedy till it be too late to look for any. To tell people they may provide for themselves, by erecting a new legislative, when by oppression, artifice, or being delivered over to a foreign power, their old one is gone, is only to tell them, they may expect relief when it is too late, and the evil is past cure. This is in effect no more than to bid them first be slaves, and then to take care of their liberty; and when their chains are on, tell them, they may act like freemen. This, if barely so, is rather mockery than relief; and men can never be secure from tyranny, if there be no means to escape it till they are perfectly under it: and therefore it is, that they have not only a right to get out of it, but to prevent it. --John Locke (1632-1704)  However, the Laws of Nature are in the throes of reigning supreme. Life without J.A.I.L. is bringing about a natural change throughout the world beyond anything we could ever imagine!


One thing I'm glad we can say, "At least we tried to pass J.A.I.L. in South Dakota, although we were prevented from doing so."  See What Did the "Show-Election" in South Dakota REALLY Show?  1/11/07  http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-01-11.html. It's clear, by its actions, that the foreign power running South Dakota determined that "We won't be reformed!  We don't care what the South Dakota Constitution says.  We don't care what South Dakota statute says.  We don't care what the Declaration of Independence says.  We don't care what the U.S. Constitution says.  There's no need for judicial reform in South Dakota.  We like it just the way it is, and it'll stay that way.  And we'll hold a Show-Election to prove it! " and they, backed by their corporate sympathizers, proceeded to block the passage of J.A.I.L. See www.sd-jail4judges.org for evidence of this election fraud.  See also http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2006/2006-11-19.html.

So, hold on to your hats while we experience LIFE WITHOUT J.A.I.L. Nature's God may still allow us time to pass J.A.I.L., but regardless, change is imminent, even without the People.
ACIC, National J.A.I.L.


J.A.I.L. (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law) www.jail4judges.org  

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He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to

our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to

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