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December 29, 2006
The Inherent Right of ALL People to Alter or Reform Government.
The Right Upon Which All Other Rights Depend
The South Dakota Election Re J.A.I.L. Was Fraudulent and Should Be Declared
Null & Void
By Ron Branson, CIC National J.A.I.L.
A J.A.I.L. News Journal J.A.I.L. is The People Reforming Their Government
was sent out Wednesday in which Barbie started out by saying:
J.A.I.L. is certainly meant to be out there, despite the fiasco that was supposed to be an election in South Dakota. What happened on November 7th in that state can't even be logically thought of as an election at all for Amendment E (the J.A.I.L. Amendment), since the voters were not even made aware of what precisely they were voting for. The State did not provide them with the wording of the Amendment, plus arguments pro and con, to read and study before making an intelligent vote.
All the voters had to go on was the so-called "explanation" by Attorney General Larry Long, which, as we have shown by evidence, was nothing more than an argument against Amendment E. See South Dakota 2006 Ballot Contaminated 
written two days before the election.  With this fraud being perpetrated on the South Dakota voters by their Attorney General, it doesn't matter what the vote count is if the measure "lost" the election. Whether Amendment E lost 89% to 11%, or 55% to 45%, or 100% to nothing, it "lost" by fraud, and therefore was not a legitimate election. Even if J.A.I.L. had "won" the election, nevertheless the fraud should not be tolerated by the People.
On behalf of National J.A.I.L., the November 7, 2006 election in South Dakota, in which the J.A.I.L. Amendment appeared on the ballot only as 
"CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT E  Title: An Amendment to Article VI of the South Dakota Constitution, relating to judicial decisions," followed by the further misrepresentation of the Amendment by South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long, please be advised that the J.A.I.L. organization cannot recognize that as a legitimate election and it should be declared null and void due to fraud, deception, misrepresentation, and concealment from the voters of the true Amendment, by the State of South Dakota. Sample Ballot:
We stated in the final paragraph of the JNJ titled South Dakota 2006 Ballot Contaminated Because of this serious misrepresentation of Amendment E on the ballot by the Attorney General of South Dakota, many voters will be deceived, and by that deception will vote "No" for the Amendment while they would otherwise vote "Yes." This is a serious situation and will affect not only South Dakota, but the entire country because this is of nationwide concern. South Dakota is our pioneer state and will set the example for other states. That is why it is important that each of you take the time to check out the truth before voting this Tuesday. KNOW and BE INFORMED of what you are voting for on all issues, and certainly Amendment E.
The problem was that the State did not provide the voters with the information necessary for them to be informed of what they were voting for on Amendment E. The truth of what Amendment E officially states, with the wording as filed with the Secretary of State when it qualified for the 2006 ballot, was entirely omitted from the ballot; instead, the public was presented a ballot containing a lie regarding what Amendment E was about, purporting to be the "Attorney General Explanation" on behalf of the State.
In California, voters are mailed a "Voter's Guide" with their sample ballots, containing the official wording of all issues to be voted on, plus arguments pro and con equally on each issue. This information provides voters with an opportunity to review and study both sides of issues; and more importantly, the voters can read the text of the material themselves before making that important decision. This provision by the State should go without saying, that it is necessary in order to provide a fair election. If an election isn't fair, i.e., presenting both sides of an issue plus its text as filed with the State, then it isn't an election!  The voters might as well throw a dart in the dark at a phone directory. The only voters that should be voting are INFORMED VOTERS; and that is the responsibility of the State in providing fair elections. The State of South Dakota didn't extend that opportunity to its voters for the 2006 election.
Mr. Stegmeier, the proponent of the J.A.I.L. Amendment in South Dakota, did what he could to obtain relief from the fraudulent misrepresentation about the Amendment appearing on the ballot. He filed a petition, as acknowledged by the court in its Judgment and Order "This petition for a writ of certiorari was filed by Stegmeier on August 14, 2006, and was tried to the court on August 17, 2006, on an expedited basis due to the exigent nature of the impending election."
There was one minor change to a term in the AG Explanation, but the fraud was allowed to stand.  In fact, Judge Gors embellished the fraud by stating in the Order:
"The attorney general could have said with a straight face that the real purpose and effect of the proposed JAIL amendment is to destroy justice in South Dakota by harassment of public decisions makers with lawsuits, but he did not. His actual description is quite tame." Judge Gors further quipped  in the Order "Ironically, Stegmeier wants a judge to help him make it easier to sue judges. Stegmeier must have more confidence in the courts than he lets on in his public statements and his proposed constitutional amendment." (The judge has recently decided to retire from the bench).
Mr. Stegmeier then filed an expedited appeal from the Judgment and Order resulting in a Judgment of Affirmance by the South Dakota Supreme Court, affirming the fraud appearing on the 2006 ballot for Amendment E, making the courts and judges involved complicit in that fraud.
The result is that Amendment E purportedly "lost" the so-called "election" causing damage and detriment to this cause nationally, and to Mr. Stegmeier and his team after the hard work, time, and money invested in the cause in South Dakota, which carried a three-to-one favorable poll throughout the year-and-a-half campaign. There is no way that a supposed 89% to 11% loss on election day carries any credibility whatsoever. J.A.I.L. doesn't mind losing, as long as it's an honest loss!
But when fraud is allowed to carry the day on this election, it cannot be recognized as legitimate by J.A.I.L.

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