Biography of Ronald Branson

Author of The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (JAIL)

           Born in 1946, Ronald Branson joined the U.S. Military in 1963. He had a very strict and straight-laced view of "just doing his job." Part of his military time was spent as a Prison Chaser over prisoners at Fort Belvoir. VA. He presided over work details and regularly strip-searched the prisoners. He quickly gained the respect of his superiors, and took on the reputation as the strictest Prison Chaser within the prison compound, having disciplined more prisoners than all other Prison Chasers collectively.

           After his honorable discharge from the military, Ron entered Washington Bible College, and later graduated from two Bible Institutes, one in Wisconsin and the other in Los Angeles. In 1974 he became the author and publisher of the Alert Sheet Publications, a documentary which exposed cults and other religious organizations. He was ordained into the ministry in 1977 and pastored several churches. He began to realize that the biggest cult and threat to the churches was government, after which he began the Alert Sheet Informant, a publication which exposed government corruption.

           In 1980 Mr. Branson was called upon to travel with and meet appointments by the late A. J. Porth, the patriarch of the modern-day patriot movement, as his right-hand man. In 1992, Ron became co-founder of the Granada Forum, which held it meetings in Tarzana, California. During those years he invited the top expert speakers in their field from all over the country to come and address the attendees of the Granada Forum weekly, with each speaker audio and video recorded. The Granada Forum soon became nationally known among the Who's Who of America.

           Ron's legal pursuits within the courts began in 1982 when he engaged the County of Los Angeles over their refusal to give a mandatory civil service hearing to a sixteen year employee of the county holding civil service protection. Armed with the law and facts on his side, he took on the County of Los Angeles in the courts only to find that the law and the facts were irrelevant in the judicial system, and that despite mandatory duty, politics ruled the courts, not the law. He found that not only were the courts out-and-out contemptuous of the law, but also riddled with absolute facial conflicts, such as the counsel for the county being also counsel for the judges hearing the cases against the county. When he moved for change of venue due to conflict of interest, his motion was denied. When he sued the state judge in federal court, the defendant counsel in the state case would also appear representing the very state judge before which they were also were a defendant. It got so crazy that the government did not even attempt any longer to hide their conflict. It became so obvious as if they sat as judge in a case against themselves as defendant. He has even had the judge admit that he never read anything filed in his court by this plaintiff. And so it was in federal court, the federal judge also having worked for the same county which was then a defendant before him. It was an absolute fix with no possibility of redress.


           The straw that broke the camel's back was in 1994 in which Mr. Branson brought suit against the City of Los Angeles and seven police officers for thirteen and a half million dollars for false arrest, false imprisonment and unwarranted strip-search and numerous other causes of action. The City defaulted and the case went to prove-up of evidence. The evidence was submitted on the record by the judge for judgment. Statute clearly sets forth that the judge shall hear the evidence, and shall render judgment in the plaintiff's favor according to the evidence. However, no judgment ever came forth, despite the Constitutional mandate that such judgment shall be rendered within ninety days. The judge, in protecting the City from default judgment, simply unsubmitted the evidence before him (unrang the bell), and left the case forever hanging with no conclusion!


           All attempts by Mr. Branson to bring his case to a final judgment through the courts and then the Legislature failed. He realized that the law on the books was a façade to give the public the impression that we had laws that governed our society. Mr. Branson realized that if there were to change at all in society, it would not come from within the government, but would have to be done by going directly to the People through the initiative process. After a period of eighteen years of seeking redress by pursuing due process of law, Mr. Branson was then pursuing his fourteenth case to the United States Supreme Court. The results were always certain and predictable.

           Highly motivated to create a remedy for the availability of redress of grievance, Ron, in 1995 wrote, in two days, the original initiative then called "The Judicial Reform Act of 1996." In 1997 it was renamed "The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law", J.A.I.L., in which a website was drawn out

           With a goal of “Liberty and Justice for All” Ron's objective is to make J.A.I.L. a nationwide cause among all people that will restore the Constitution and the laws to this country as our Founding Fathers had envisioned it. People across the country are now clamoring for the hope that JAIL offers. There is no doubt in Ron's mind that JAIL will one day become the hottest, largest, and most controversial political hot potato that this nation has recently faced.

Mr. Branson's chief characteristics are truth, ethics, and principle. He detests politics. Starting in 1996 Mr. Branson was three times elected to a two-year term as representative in the 38th Assembly District, Los Angeles Republican County Central Committee. By the year 2002 his duties within J.A.I.L. had become so demanding so as to require his full time, in which he now serves at its Five-Star National J.A.I.L. Commander-In-Chief, with a national following that currently includes 50 states and three foreign nations.

Ron Branson may be reached at:

P.O. Box 207

North Hollywood, CA. 91603


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