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Whistleblower Puts Virginia Supreme Court on Trial

By Ed Truncellito, JD

June 5, 2003

Yesterday seven Justices of the Virginia Supreme Court were put on
trial in their own court by attorney Linda Kennedy who was disbarred
last year.

The Justices had the spotlight turned around on them when Kennedy
addressed them from the podium. Kennedy was there to appeal her
disbarment for violating the First Unwritten Rule of Virginia Legal
Ethics: do not embarrass the Virginia Bar by blowing the whistle on
white-collar crimes they commit against an unwitting Virginia public.

Kennedy began by throwing Chief Justice Leroy Rountree Hassell, Sr. off
guard. She complimented him saying she heard him preach the Gospel of
Jesus Christ at Regent University. Maybe he momentarily forgot that a
similar tactic was used by the Apostle Paul to subdue King Agrippa. The
Justice straightened up and beamed with pride as he was reminded of the
distinction that Regent bestowed upon him in the eyes of his black
community by honoring him as a professor of law and theology.

Next Kennedy quoted a second one of the Justices, a woman, who was
published as stating that legal process must always be above suspicion.
Kennedy thanked her for the statement but added that the message
apparently has not yet reached the Virginia Bar.

Kennedy silenced a third Justice by interrupting his question and
asking that the Justices not ask her any more questions. She said they
had a copy of her written brief, and she wanted to use her entire 15
minutes to explain to them in person how their legal system has become
disgracefully corrupt. And if that did not convince them, then nothing
ever would.

Nonetheless a moment later a fourth Justice, another woman, interrupted
to ask if she understood correctly that Kennedy did not want to answer
their questions, perhaps implying that Kennedy had something to hide.
But Kennedy rebuked her. Kennedy said it could not have been made any
plainer: "no questions." The Justice pushed herself back in her chair
showing consternation, but she had nothing more to say.

Having silenced the Justices, Kennedy then proceeded --- shall we say
"earnestly" --- to "chew their butts" as plain folk in Virginia would
call it.

Good for you, Kennedy, because the buck stops here. These Justices are
the senior officers of the Virginia Bar whose lawyers are trying to
cover up the fact that Kennedy caught them red-handed falsifying the
very court record that these Justices had sitting right there under
their noses on the bench. The legal process that brought them the case
record was not merely suspicious. It was blatantly fraudulent.

Kennedy had fished through the trial court's trash cans and found the
trial court's handwritten notes that the trial judge had approved
falsifications of the trial record to cover up perjury by the lawyer
who heads the Virginia Bar's Ethics Committee.

Kennedy has audiotapes that prove what the Ethics leader really said,
in his own recorded voice. But the trial court cut out the part of the
record where the trial judge refused to allow those audiotapes to be
played. Ironically, the trial judge's comments were falsified in the
record claiming he said he would have exonerated Kennedy if only she
could have proved what the audiotapes in fact do prove.

Talk about smoking guns. But this is just one of the more glaring
cases. It is an open secret that records are being falsified routinely
in cases all over the state and all over the country while the high
courts hear it with a deaf ear. Zed McLarnon, a forensic audio-visual
expert, has documented that transcripts in Massachusetts courts are
altered with the knowledge of court personnel. In Indiana, Rebecca
Rohrs has conclusively documented literally thousands of alterations in
hearing transcripts in a child custody case. "This is criminal
misconduct," attorney Eugene Wrona says of similar practices in
Pennsylvania, "and these people belong in jail."

Further, it is notorious that lawyer whistleblowers can all expect to
share Kennedy's fate. Law students are misled like the public, being
told in law school that law is an honorable profession. Not until they
begin practicing do they discover how money really changes hands. Only
after they have invested years in their law school education are they
taught that they must maintain an unwritten code of secrecy. Then they
shut up --- or they are disbarred.

After Kennedy's 15 minutes, Chief Justice Leroy Rountree Hassell, Sr.
told her the time was up. Kennedy announced that there was no need for
her to listen to her opponent's excuses or comment on them. Then she
walked out with some of the 30 supporters who accompanied her including
pastors and lawyers.

The Justices in this case will pronounce a verdict on themselves.

If they order a full investigation and a new trial of Kennedy's
disbarment, then the Justices will have pronounced their innocence.
Otherwise, Regent ought to reconsider whom they allow to preach to our

Ed Truncellito, JD
Director of Development
Defending Holy Matrimony

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