The Parable of the Left-Hand Turn
(By Ron Branson - 9/2/06)
Once upon a time people believed the world was flat and anyone who dared challenge that "fact" was considered a heretic. Any opposer would be derided, spat upon, and run out of town. This flat earth advocacy was held with a tenacious cult fervor and was the official position of the then establishment, i.e., "How dare anyone advocate that the world was anything but flat!"
For purposes of this Left-Hand Turn Parable, we direct your attention to The Flat Earth Cult, and explain what they are, what they believe, and how to spot them.
These Flat Earth Cult members have a very difficult time comprehending basic common sense that can be easily understood by a child. They vociferously advocate that they know truth, while all the time they do not know what it is they are talking about. These cult members are generally well educated, professional, often lawyers, and financially secure, but have the common sense of a dumb ostrich who sticks his head in the ground and thinks he cannot be seen since he cannot see you.
Here is an example of two educated lawyers, Aziz Huq and James Sample, both devoid of common sense, how they think regarding the specific violations established in the second paragraph of Amendment E. In the August 30, 2006 ThomasPaine.com article entitled, "The Warrant's Out On Judges,"  we quote with color emphasis added, "The first trend—assailing individual judges for their rulings—is most visible in America’s state courts. Take by way of example a ballot initiative campaign in South Dakota known as “JAIL4Judges” which would remove judges’ immunity from prosecution based on the substance of their decisions."
Note the terms they use, to wit, assailing judges for their "rulings," and based on their "decisions."
Paragraph 2 of Amendment E on the ballot, which pertains to immunity, actually states, "No immunity shall extend to any judge of this State for any deliberate violation of law, fraud or conspiracy, intentional violation of due process of law, deliberate disregard of material facts, judicial acts without jurisdiction , blocking of a lawful conclusion of a case, or any deliberate violation of the Constitutions of South Dakota or the United States, notwithstanding Common Law, or any other contrary statute." Nowhere in that paragraph can there be found the words "rulings" or "decisions," nor is there any suggestion therein that either or both of those terms have anything to do with assailing judges. Yet the premise of their contention is based upon the implied application of those words.
Their conclusion results from their inability to apply common sense to textual criticism. They, just like South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long, claim JAIL4Judges (Amendment E) is about going after judges for making decisions. However, a reading of the J.A.I.L. Amendment plainly shows that it is not about judges' "decisions" at all, but about seven specific and deliberate violations of law committed by judges. 
The Parable of the Left-Hand Turn
Mister Jones was driving down Broadway Boulevard showing off his new convertible. He soon approached the intersection of Broadway and Main. That intersection was clearly posted "No Left Turn." Despite the posted sign, Mr. Jones went ahead and completed a left-hand turn. Moments later a police officer pursued him with red lights flashing and pulled him over, resulting in the issuance of a citation.
Now comes the "complicated" question:
Did the police officer cite Mr. Jones for exercising his decision to turn left? or, for violating the posted No-Left-Turn sign? 
For the normal person, this question is elementary and easily resolved; for they are capable of applying common sense and can figure out that Mr. Jones violated the posted sign. However, for members of the Flat Earth Cult (primarily government officials, including lawyers and judges), this question presents a real dilemma; for they are unable, under any circumstances, to acknowledge the simple fact that violations exist. So, obviously, the cultists' only answer to that question can be that Mr. Jones was cited for his "decision" to turn left.
After Mr. Jones received the violation ticket, he proceeded four blocks up Main Street to his home located on the left where he exercised another "decision" to turn left --this time into his own driveway. However, due to oncoming traffic he had to wait for a clearing. His having to wait for a left-hand turn caused an accumulation of cars behind him.
Despite the fact that the drivers waiting behind Mr. Jones did not "like his decision" to turn left, there was nothing they could do about it. However, 
now these Flat Earth cultists have come up with an "ingenious" new argument; and that is, if Amendment E passes, it will open up the floodgates of litigation for all these drivers who had to wait behind Mr. Jones so that they can now sue Mr. Jones for his decision to turn left because, as they put it, "They didn't like Mr. Jones' decision." 
You see, in the mind of these Flat Earth Cult members, left-hand turns are inherently evil, and thus everyone who makes a decision to turn left is suable. And since these Flat Earth Cult members are totally blind, devoid of common sense, and absolutely unable to acknowledge the existence of a violation, (i.e., no judge would ever willfully violate the law) they cannot concede to the fact that people make decisions every day to turn left without committing a violation.
How to Spot These Flat Earth Cultists
They always substitute the word "violation" with the word "decisions,"  because "violation" is too specific and articulable, i.e., a judge's "deliberate violation of the Constitution." Everyone understands the engagement. However, "decisions" are nebulous, vague, undefinable --and no one under heaven has any way of knowing what it is they are talking about.
These cultist agree that judges must swear by an oath to obey the Constitution, but these cultist revise the issue to argue that notwithstanding this fact, they still just can't allow these willfully disobedient judges to be held accountable to their solemn oaths sworn before God to obey the Constitution, which raises the question, why take a judicial oath at all if that oath can be willfully ignored? And further, why do we have that mandated clause in our Constitution anyway if it can be ignored?
These cultist also handle the term "Judge" in the same manner. We all know what a judge is who sits on the bench. So the objective of this cult is to muddy the water and make the word "judge" totally confusing to the reader. Thus comes into play the Legal Maxim of Law "Fraud lurks in generalities."
"Violations" are specific, articulable, and limited. "Decisions" are non-specific and are made by the tens of thousands. Hence, these Flat Earth cultists never talk in terms of a violation by a judge, but rather in terms of tens of thousands of decisions made by hundreds of "decision-makers" which are composed of an unending list of government agencies such as school boards, township boards, parole boards, water boards, medical boards, zoning boards, mental health boards, professional licensing boards, city councilmen, city commissioners, county commissioners, and hundreds more, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, etcetera, etcetera, --all of these bureaucrats enjoying judicial immunity for their "decisions." One can go down the inexhaustible alphabet-soup bureaucratic departments of government agencies until they get sick of hearing of them. These are the decision-maker "judges" about which these Flat Earth cultists are talking about. Again, the Legal Maxim: "Fraud lurks in generalities."
Mothers, while we acknowledge that this is too complicated for State Attorney General Larry Long, who wrote the explanation of Amendment E for the November 7th ballot, ask your child if they can understand the difference between a left-hand turn "violation," and a "decision" to turn left. If your child can grasp this concept, then you may place a bumper-sticker on your car that says,
                                          |      My child is smarter      |
                                                               |    than all the S.D. Gov't    |
Every time you turn left in your car, remember "The Parable of the Left-Hand Turn," and how foolish your government is that it cannot be honest enough to acknowledge the obvious truth.
"When a man who is honestly mistaken is shown the truth, he will either cease to be mistaken or cease to be honest."  (Author Unknown)
Lastly, as you go to the polls November 7th, remember the Flat Earth Cult's propaganda and agenda to hornswoggle the voters of South Dakota with their lies and non-sense on the ballot. Be sure to tell everyone to:  
Vote YES on Amendment E!
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