Current Events

On Tuesday Nov 7, 2006 the people of South Dakota voted against becoming the first state in the union to enact a check on the judicial branch of government (Amendment E) by the people in mass and thereby maintained their judiciary's absolute power.

In the two months leading up to the election J.A.I.L. was vastly outspent in advertising by powerful special interests with funds that for the most part came from outside the state of South Dakota. The advertisements, along with the ballot's description of the initiative which came from the legal system itself, misrepresented J.A.I.L. Those interests knew there is enough dissatisfaction with the legal system by the people of the United States that its passage would initiate a domino effect to all the other initiative states. They did everything possible to prevent South Dakota from becoming the first domino.

J.A.I.L. will learn from this experience and return in 2008.

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