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Redefining "Mistake!"

In our early days of school we made mistakes. A mistake was definded as an accidental miscalulation. For instance, if one was given a difficult mathamatical equasion, there existed a substantial possiblility of making a mistake in the calculation. However, rape or theft was not considered a mistake, but rather a crime.
 Today, however, when a State Assemblyman or a Senator receives sex with a lobbyist in exchange for special interest legislation, and it become public knowledge, it is called a "mistake." Therefore, we now have redefined public corruption as "mistakes."
California State Assemblyman Michael Duvall has been in bed literally with two female lobbyist. This was discovered by Mr. Duvall boasting of his sexual escapades with the lobbyist in a conversation with another legislator in which he discovered the microphone which he believed to be off was not off. What does this tell you? It tells me that these legislators boasting to one another are not ashamed of their illecit affairs that influence their votes. The unspoken rule is, go ahead and exploit your political position, just don't get caught, you will embarrass the system, and they may have to "take action by "looking into the matter." And if the matter cannot be covered-up, they may have to "take pubic action against you."
In the instant case, "They are taking this very seriously." We know because they said so. Yes, and Assemblyman Duvall admits having sex with these lobbyist was a mistake, "I made a mistake." Actually, it was not the sex with the lobbyist that was the mistake, but rather getting caught. But, in his defense he tells us, "I deeply regret the comments I made in what I believed to be a private conversation. This is a private matter and I ask that everyone respect the privacy of all involved."
Private matter? If I am not mistaken, the position of a State Lawmaker is a public position paid for by tax dollars. And we are not here talking about private dates with women, but rather matters involving proposed legislation. Does it not concern you that you are forced to conform to new laws based upon a legislator getting a good screw.
I fear this Duvall situation is not unique, but is carried out regularly. California State Senator Alan Robins (my very own State Senator) took a bribe from the insurance industry for making buying their product mandatory. Once this Robin Bill got passed, everyone's auto insurance rates shot up 12% overnight. When the media asked how this happened overnight, the answer was, "Well, now it is mandatory and everyone has to now buy insurance." In the end, Senator Robbins got caught in this bribery scam and went to prison. Now we all know that legislation based upon a bribe is illegal and such legislation must be reversed. But not only did it not get reversed, but rather it spread throughout the entire country affecting millions of people notwithstanding the Constitutional mandate, "No state shall ... pass any ... law impairing the obligation of contracts." The constitutional right to contract also includes the right not to contract. And certainly, no state can interfere with the inviolate right of contract. I call legislation causing the raising of auto insurance 12% a definite interference with the right of contract.
Now I ask, why is it that an illegally passed law remains upon the books and is now enforced against the people and the insurance industry continues to profit from their scam? Is it not because the judges are in on the scam, covering for the insurance companies? Of course, we all know this is true! And so is every other manor of political scams and corruptions known to man. Without the cooperation of the judges, these scams would fail, and justice would prevail. This is why the passage of Judicial Accountability Initiative Law is so paramount to the recovery of this nation. Without it, our country shall continue to slide down the embankment of corruption and degradation.
Ron Branson 
 L.A. Now  
 O.C. Assemblyman Duvall resigns amid recorded sexual comments  
September 9, 2009 
 Orange County Assemblyman Michael Duvall, who was caught on an open mike making sexual comments, resigned today.
"I am deeply saddened that my inappropriate comments have become a major distraction for my colleagues in the Assembly, who are working hard on the very serious problems facing our state," he said in a statement posted on his website. "I have come to the conclusion that it would not be fair to my family, my constituents or to my friends on both sides of the aisle to remain in office. Therefore, I have decided to resign my office, effective immediately, so that the Assembly can get back to work."
Capitol Blackberries are buzzing after KCAL-TV Los Angeles late Tuesday night aired a videotape of the Orange County GOP lawmaker talking to a colleague at a committee hearing in explicit detail about recent trysts.
  In the KCAL report   , Duvall (R-Yorba Linda), the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee vice chairman, appears not to realize that his microphone is on during a lull in a July committee hearing and talks about his conquest of two women.
Reporter Dave Lopez then reports that Duvall says on the tape that the women with whom he has been having sex are lobbyists.
The report alleges that one of the lobbyists works for a utility with business before Duvall's committee but does not name her.
Later in the report, Duvall is seen ducking Lopez on the Assembly floor and in the hallways outside the chamber as the reporter confronts him with questions about his sexual encounters.
The Assembly Legislative Ethics Committee is looking into the reports about Duvall's alleged relationship with the lobbyist, a source close to the committee said this morning.
Members of the ethics panel plan to meet today with their legal counsel to determine what action they might take, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for lack of authority to speak for the committee.
"They are taking this very seriously," the source said.
Meanwhile, Duvall posted this apology on his campaign website :  "I made a mistake and I sincerely apologize. I deeply regret the comments I made in what I believed to be a private conversation. This is a private matter and I ask that everyone respect the privacy of all involved."
Duvall joined the Assembly in 2006, representing the 72nd District, which includes the cities of Fullerton, Anaheim, Placentia, Orange, Brea, Yorba Linda and La Habra.
He is a former Yorba Linda City Councilman and member of the Orange County Sanitation District board and Orange County Transportation Authority. According to his Assembly website, he also runs an insurance business with his wife.
-- Evan Halper in Sacramento
Photo: Mike Duvall campaign office 
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