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A Public Service Announcement to America
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The Battle Lines are Drawn:  J.A.I.L. versus The Foreign Power 

A Power Foreign to Our Constitution

The Tragic Reality of the World's
Biggest Corrupt Legal System 

By Journalist Les Sachs  (Dr-Les-Sachs@laposte.net) 


The following is an excerpt by an anti-corruption journalist and former US citizen who received political asylum in Europe. From his refuge in Europe, this author wrote a free online resource book for victims, the 'FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption.'  Dr Les Sachs names U.S. judges as 'criminals and terrorists' involved in threats of political murder. Below is are excerpts from just one of his articles.





The tragic reality of the world's biggest corrupt legal system


America's rigged courts, bribed judges, fake and phony trials, extortion by lawyers, and over 2.2 million prisoners in the USA gulag.


Right now, about 1 out of every 45 working age males in the US are BEHIND BARS inside the US empire - Many of those millions of US prisoners are innocent.


The corrupt USA legal system, is a danger to every traveler, visitor, and guest worker from overseas, and to every individual who takes the risky step of entering upon American territory.


The reality is that the United States of America has the most dishonest, dangerous and crooked legal system of any developed nation. Legal corruption is covering America like a blanket.


The corruption of the USA legal system is well-known, but also well-hidden, by the news services of America's corporate-owned media.  

America has the largest prison gulag in the entire world - The starting point for understanding anything about the USA, is to digest the fact that just this one country, the United States of America, has twenty-five percent of ALL of the prisoners in the entire world.


More than 2.2 million prisoners - more than 1 out of every 150 people in America - are behind bars in the American gulag. American "justice" is especially focused on jailing people who US government thinks might organize into opposition to the government.


No one imprisons people as casually as America, tossing innocent people into prison. The USA jailing of more than 2 million people is also a revival of slavery and slave labour. The expanding system of USA prison slave labour is not only a major source of business profit, but also a wedge to drive down the wages of workers outside the prison walls.


This culture of mass prisons and slave labour is sold to US citizens by creating a psychology of fear. This climate of fear is nourished in the USA by both the media and the government, who work together with the judges and lawyers to maintain the whole crooked game.


Before you set foot in America, you should have a clear picture of the terror of America's legal system - the judges and lawyers and money and bribery, that have made this system of fear so pervasive.


The situation is so bad, that a social explosion is beginning inside America. You can read some news stories - about people murdering judges, or attacking the families of judges, or people setting fire to courthouses in the USA - and see the pattern that is emerging, even though the news media are afraid to connect the dots and suggest what might be behind all these events.


American prisons are often horrible, with lots of torment of prisoners, like you would expect in some petty dictatorship. Rape and beatings are common, and there is little help for abused inmates. In addition to the many official USA executions, numerous people are also illegally killed in jail cells, "mysteriously" found hanged or stabbed to death.


In the regular functioning of the USA courts, America's domestic lawyers and judges, threaten people with illegal jailing, and rape, torture and murder in jail.


Theoretically, torture and abuse is totally outlawed by America's Constitution, but some of the nice words in America's Constitution hold little power anymore, despite how often people quote them.


America's Bill of Rights and Constitution are nearly dead, not just because the judges will no longer enforce them, but even more because America's lawyers will not even fight for them. The two American "political parties" are not fighting for them, either, and America's news media are also very passive. This means that America's legal system has become largely a tool of government terror, and of bribery for the rich and the powerful.


The words of the law don't protect you in the USA, because American judges and lawyers have no scruples about bending them to mean the opposite of what they say.


America's lawyers are controlled by the judges, and don't really work for you - that's why they sell you out to the government, or to the big companies that pay bribes.


Even if you are paying an American lawyer huge amounts of money, he or she doesn't really work for you, and may sell you down the river to the jailhouse.


American lawyers are directly under the thumb of the judges and the government. Lawyers, just like any other victim, can be instantly jailed by an American judge on flimsy pretexts, and American lawyers can be quickly stripped of their right to practice law. Lawyers who try to fight the system can find themselves dis-barred, criminally charged and jailed.


American lawyers are afraid to do things in court, that the judges don't want them to do. America's nearly 1 million lawyers, are almost totally under the control of a few thousand judges, with their entrenched culture of bribery and miscarriage of justice.


That means that any time you hire an American lawyer, he already is in a conflict of interest. He has to make the judge happy first. And if the judge wants to make the government happy, or make some corporation happy who is paying a big bribe, then guess what? You are destroyed. It doesn't matter what you paid the lawyer. He works for the judge, first and foremost.


People accused of serious crimes have the "right" to a lawyer, but this may only provide a crooked lawyer who is stage-managing the victim to help the government and prosecutors. If the lawyer does not betray the victim to help the government, he can be put out of work.


This legal fraud is the core of the danger to those who visit America. A lawyer who is "representing" you in the USA, whether the government is paying him, or even if you are paying him yourself, may just be a stooge who is helping the prosecutors to put you in jail, even though you are innocent.


The judges of America gave every accused criminal the "right" to a lawyer, because it helps stage-manage the victim, with a lawyer who has to do things the judge's way. In America, such government-appointed lawyers are the means by which hundreds of thousands of poor people are railroaded into prison.


Most American court cases never go to trial, never see a jury; it is the job of the victim's lawyer to "sell the deal" that the judge has decided will happen, or else. This is how people accept a "plea bargain" so they accept going to jail for 3 years even though they are innocent, instead of going to trial before a jury: The victim is warned: you accept a "bargain" of a few years in jail, or you go to jail the rest of your life.


Often, both "sides" of lawyers are actually working together for the government, or for the big corporation or rich person who is bribing the judge.


In the American legal system, you essentially have no recourse against wrongdoing by your own lawyer. A lawyer can sell you out, betray you, steal your money, engage in malpractice, help out the other side, hide the evidence that proved you were right, or commit felony crimes against you, and there is almost nothing you can do about it.


Part of the reason America has so much crime, even with more than 2.2 million people in prison, is because the people who actually committed the crimes were never arrested.


Any innocent person can get railroaded to death in America. 


Multi-millionaires and big corporations, vs. everybody else


The only people who really can expect some fairness in American courts are multi-millionaires and big corporations who pay political contributions and bribery money, and who protect the interests of other rich people. Nobody else really matters to American judges and lawyers.


There is a huge amount of bribery in America. Rich people pay huge amounts of money to law firms with connections, the lawyers walk around with a certain amount of cash in their jacket, and they pass it to the judges in their quiet moments together. Mostly all cash of course.


As an average person, there's no real way to out-bribe a big corporation, regardless of what your lawyer promised you. That's why big companies win most of the time.


Judges set up a trial in all sorts of ways, giving orders that all sorts of evidence be hidden from a jury, for example. The judge may declare, for example, that the evidence that proves you are innocent or right, will not be allowed at the trial.


Jury trials are actually very rare in America, unlike what you see in the movies. Most cases are "settled" through some deal or extortion or intimidation. If there is a jury trial, they tend to stack the jury with un-educated idiots who will tend to believe whatever lies they are told by the judge and the government.


Yes, there are "appeals" courts, but these are just more judges, who are usually friends with the lower court judge who originally sold you out.


Americans love to talk about "taking it all the way to the Supreme Court!", but this is a nearly empty hope for real people. The U.S. Supreme Court simply refuses to consider most cases that are presented to it.


If you are a little helpless nobody, the appeals judges often barely reply to you, and sometimes don't reply at all. Sometimes people have been strapped to a table and given the lethal poison and put to death in America, with the victim's appeal never even answered by the judges. 


The Hollywood image, versus the grim reality


Around the world, people derive an image of America, and its legal system, from these fictional creations on film. America's propaganda about having "the greatest legal system in the world" is one of those phony stories that Hollywood is helping to sell.


In the Hollywood version, the judges in American courts are like kind uncles, smiling and being wise and calmly dispensing justice. But in reality, American judges sometimes scream at people like disturbed perverts, and show off their bribed corruption right there in the courtroom.


In the Hollywood version, there are brave lawyers who will fight for your rights, to win justice for you in the American courts. In reality, you can't find an American lawyer brave enough to fight judicial corruption, even if you are innocent and the judge's friends have threatened to murder you, or threatened to send you to jail for the rest of your life.


In the Hollywood version, the average person is also helped by the "brave investigative reporter" at some newspaper or television station, who shows great courage in exposing the truth, and bringing powerful wrongdoing to face justice. However, the brave "investigative reporter" in America is now as fictional and non-existent as the "brave lawyer" who will fight for your rights.


In America today, reporters are little timid people who are afraid of getting fired, and who almost never write a story on government corruption, unless some other part of the government is officially investigating or prosecuting. That goes triple when judges or lawyers are involved. The owners of the newspapers and television stations are afraid of revenge by the judges if they have to go to court. 


No recourse against crime and fraud by judges and lawyers in America


In reality, there is almost nothing you can do against misconduct, and even open felony crime, committed against you by American judges and lawyers. All of the official complaint procedures you find on the internet, or at the courthouse or in the law books, turn out to be a joke, a farce and a fraud.


Complaints about lawyers in America, usually go to the "Bar", which is itself run by the judges who are involved in bribery with the lawyers. And complaints about judges go to other judges, their friends.


Nearly all the complaints about lawyers and judges - tens of thousands of them - are kept secret. Nearly all are dismissed or ignored. They are generally only used if the judges or politicians want to specially destroy someone. Otherwise, criminal acts by lawyers and judges get a smiling cover-up.


The police and FBI almost certainly will not help you, either. They all know the bribery game, and they rely on the same crooked judges to help send innocent people to prison.


The newspapers and television and media won't help you. They hear stories like yours all the time. The USA media are afraid to help you, afraid of revenge if they expose judicial corruption.


America's politicians will not help you.  You can also forget about most of America's human rights and civil liberties groups. Many are just money-raising groups which don't help victims. They are all scared of the legal system, too.


The growing American nightmare


It can't go on like this forever, but it may get a lot worse first. Perhaps, it will not be until after America has had a major economic or social cataclysm, that the big American machine of legal corruption finally comes to be reformed, after a complete revolution in American life has swept away the old order.


American lawyers have become both the mafia and the Gestapo of American life.


American freedom is already largely lost. Americans who imagine they are still "free" are the ones who have not yet seen the lawyers and judges who smirk and laugh as they deny victims the most basic human rights. The truth is that, inside America, a nightmare has begun.



The author of the above, Dr Les Sachs, can be reached in Europe at Dr-Les-Sachs(at)Laposte.net.


For the complete original article, or to access Dr Sachs free online book, the FAQ on US Judicial & Legal corruption, www(dot)tinyurl(dot)com/5f9v6m   There you will also find a link to the free online FAQ on US Judicial and Legal Corruption.



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