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Los Angeles, California                              January 
23, 2007
The Battle Lines are Drawn:  J.A.I.L. versus The Foreign Power 
A Power Foreign to Our Constitution 


The Foreign Power Domestically
is Foreign to Our Constitution
We have a Foreign Power that is a Domestic Enemy
By Barbie, National J.A.I.L., victoryusa@jail4judges.org
"Foreign power" is a term the People must get used to, because it is a current power shown to exist in South Dakota by its 2006 Show-Election as revealed by J.A.I.L. and supported by our documented evidenceIt is not a question of the loss of an election, but under what power it was "lost."  Read JNJ 1/11/07 What Did the "Show-Election" in South Dakota REALLY Show?  
Therein we stated:  The show-election in South Dakota has taught us what the real power-conglomerate is made up of that is running the "show" in that state-- and they have shown themselves to be a foreign power, disregarding the law of the state and the nation. It is not only the entire South Dakota "government" 
(state, county and local), but also the corporate/industrial complexes extending beyond South Dakota borders (e.g., Exxon, Mobil, Wal-Mart, insurance industry headquartered in D.C., banking, real estate, utilities, -- and many more, just follow the money). It is not only what poses as "government," but the entire commercial enterprise that does not want judicial accountability to the People. They are quite satisfied with the usurpation of power that has taken over the People, and you can see from the South Dakota fiasco what they'll do to defend it.
Foreign power is not limited to that of other countries, but is determined by its obedience to the Law of the Land of its domain. It is possible for a foreign power to exist in this country if it executes control over the People in disregard of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of our Land. One of the reasons the People of this country declared independence from England was because He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation.   - Declaration of Independence. "He" refers to the power in control which, in England, was the King. Here in our country the power in control is revealed in South Dakota as an oligarchy acting under color of government. The judiciary sits at the pinnacle of this oligarchy, acting as its "mouthpiece" and final authority when grievances are brought before it by the People for supposed
It's time the People call it what it is-- a foreign power. The power running this country, at least in South Dakota as J.A.I.L. has experienced and we are reporting,  is not government because the disregard of laws in this country, especially the state and federal Constitutions, is standard operating procedure. It is a power foreign to our Constitution, and hence, foreign to the People.
What we have experienced in South Dakota is the People exercising their inherent right to reform state government in such manner as they deemed necessary in a "lawful and constituted method," i.e., by Initiative. 48,000 signatures were collected to qualify the reform measure for the South Dakota ballot13,000 more than were needed, indicating a very enthusiastic zeal by the People for the measure. The zeal was there! Had we had the time and money, there's no doubt we could have garnered the signature support of 70 percent of the voters to get J.A.I.L. on the ballot, indicating that a November 7th victory would have been a mere formality. 
Throughout the year-and-a-half campaign, the measure held a 3-to-1favorable rating, and Tom Barnett of the opposition even acknowledges a 4-to-1 favorability, which is considered by everyone a "landslide." Everything was fine, we thought, even with the propaganda and criminal activity by the foreign power which we have abundantly reported --until Election Day, November 7, 2006. That was the coup-de-grace-- the sudden final blow against the People in South Dakota at the hands of this foreign power, proving what kind of a power it was. Yes, we're talking about what happened to Amendment E, the J.A.I.L. Amendment in South Dakota.
Election Day 2006 in South Dakota was a momentous occasion for this entire country. That was the day when, after carrying a generously favorable rating during the campaign, the "official" count on Election evening on Amendment E was reported as --catch this--
 89% AGAINST and 11% FOR!
One South Dakotan told us that he was watching the results from around 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. when he retired for the night; and throughout that time, although the actual numbers of votes were changing,
the percentages never changed during that time-span!
Another South Dakotan told us that a few days before the election, he couldn't find Amendment E on the state's website; he called in to tell them, and either later that day, or the next day, Amendment E was suddenly on the site! We've had many people tell us that they had no clue what Amendment E was really about. All they had to go on was what the media and the opposition reported. We found out that the state didn't provide voters with a published Voters Guide stating all the issues with arguments pro and con. Yet, the state allowed a fraudulent misrepresentation of Amendment E to be printed right on the ballot, as an "explanation" by the State Attorney General. This is what the state provided for the People to vote on.
Here we have two inherent rights of the People: (1) to reform their government, and (2) to vote in a fair election, both of which are guaranteed by the South Dakota Constitution!  The reported results of that election could have happened only by the interference of a foreign power in direct defiance of the state's Constitution. There were criminal violations committed by this foreign power throughout the campaign which we've reported. See www.sd-jail4judges.org.
Now we hear that Tom Barnett, Executive Director of the South Dakota Bar Association (the South Dakota Judicial Sentry that guards the judiciary like a pack of wild dogs) is exporting its propaganda scheme to the Florida Bar to educate them on the "success" of the foreign power in South Dakota. See JNJ 1/19/07 The Foreign Power Planting Seeds of Deception. http://www.jail4judges.org/JNJ_Library/2007/2007-01-19B.html  Will J.A.I.L. expose a foreign power in Florida if it is on the ballot there? We'll find out.
John Locke, known as the Freedom Philosopher, influenced Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence. Since J.A.I.L. is based on Lockean principles, we refer to him as a source of information for J.A.I.L. principles. Locke used the term "foreign power" at least twice in Chapter XIX of his Treatise, Of the Dissolution of Government: http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/phl302/texts/locke/locke2/locke2nd-d.html#CHAP.%20XVI
Sect. 217. ... The delivery also of the people into the subjection of a foreign power, either by the prince, or by the legislative, is certainly a change of the legislative, and so a dissolution of the government: for the end why people entered into society being to be preserved one intire, free, independent society, to be governed by its own laws; this is lost, whenever they are given up into the power of another. 
Sect. 220.  ... To tell people they may provide for themselves, by erecting a new legislative, when by oppression, artifice, or being delivered over to a foreign power, their old one is gone, is only to tell them, they may expect relief when it is too late, and the evil is past cure.

One of our JAILers asked us if we had a better name for "foreign power" in this country. If "foreign power" is good enough for John Locke to use regarding a power that the People are "delivered into the subjection of" or "delivered over to," then it's 
good enough for us. We highly recommend our readers read the entire chapter about the Dissolution of Government to understand what's happening today.
In Chapter XVI, Of Conquest, http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/phl302/texts/locke/locke2/locke2nd-d.html#CHAP.%20XVI  Locke teaches us that the sole authority for government is the consent of the People:
href="name="Sect. 175.">Sect. 175. THOUGH governments can originally have no other rise than that before mentioned, nor polities be founded on any thing but the consent of the people; yet such have been the disorders ambition has filled the world with, that in the noise of war, which makes so great a part of the history of mankind, this consent is little taken notice of: and therefore many have mistaken the force of arms for the consent of the people, and reckon conquest as one of the originals of government. But conquest is as far from setting up any government, as demolishing an house is from building a new one in the place. Indeed, it often makes way for a new frame of a common-wealth, by destroying the former; but, without the consent of the people, can never erect a new one.
Government can never be reformed (erect a new one) without the consent of the People-- without their voice, without their vote.
href="name="Sect. 216.">Sect. 216. ...  When, by the arbitrary power of the prince, the electors, or ways of election, are altered, without the consent, and contrary to the common interest of the people, there also the legislative is altered: for, if others than those whom the society hath authorized thereunto, do chuse, or in another way than what the society hath prescribed, those chosen are not the legislative appointed by the people.
Of Dissolution, supra.  We ask, Did the People of South Dakota consent to being held ignorant and uninformed about what they were voting on? 
If the existing power prevents the People from reforming their government, as happened in South Dakota, government is effectually dissolved, leaving in its wake a foreign power causing anarchy. If there is no remedy, no redress, for the People, there is no government.  The late President John F. Kennedy stated in 1963: "Those who make peaceful resolution [J.A.I.L.] impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."     
As Locke describes it:
Sect. 219. ...  This is demonstratively to reduce all to anarchy, and so effectually to dissolve the government: for laws not being made for themselves, but to be, by their execution, the bonds of the society, to keep every part of the body politic in its due place and function; when that totally ceases, the government visibly ceases, and the people become a confused multitude, without order or connexion. Where there is no longer the administration of justice, for the securing of men's rights, nor any remaining power within the community to direct the force, or provide for the necessities of the public, there certainly is no government left.  ...   Id.  
Any foreign power in this country functioning in disregard of the consent of the People, by disregarding the state and U.S. Constitutions and laws made in pursuance thereof, cannot legitimately command obedience from the People.
Chapt. 192. For no government can have a right to obedience from a people who have not freely consented to it; which they can never be supposed to do, till either they are put in a full state of liberty to chuse their government and governors, or at least till they have such standing laws, to which they have by themselves or their representatives given their free consent, and also till they are allowed their due property, which is so to be proprietors of what they have, that no body can take away any part of it without their own consent, without which, men under any government are not in the state of freemen, but are direct slaves under the force of war. Of Conquest, supra.
Any power in this country functioning without the consent of the People in disregard of the Supreme Law of the Land, is a  Foreign Power and a domestic enemy!

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He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation.   - Declaration of Independence
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