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Can Anyone Publish This Story?
From Barbie, victoryusa@jail4judges.org
The below story by Ann Reid is in response to another horror story we just published days ago, and we can't continuously publish these stories, one after the other because they would clog our outgoing emails to our readers. 
Due to the vast numbers of similar stories we receive, it would be prohibitive to post them all-- in fact it would be impossible. We realize the importance of getting some of these stories out to inform the people of precise cases of why we need J.A.I.L.  So we agreed to publish a few of them on occasion, however they do not replace our main agenda of sending out news journals pertaining directly to J.A.I.L. and to the judicial system in general.  To explain why we must limit these publications, we begin each story with the following disclaimer:
Disclaimer: We have been asked to post examples of judicial corruption as told by alleged victims thereof. We say "alleged" because J.A.I.L. cannot vouch for the authenticity and truth of these "horror stories" as we call them. They are merely the testimony of the writer to inform the public of examples of what is allegedly happening to the People in our courts today to show the dire need to make J.A.I.L. a reality. J.A.I.L. takes no position one way or the other of the personal views stated by the writer. Please understand that we cannot possibly post ALL testimonies we receive. For any questions or comments about the contents of the article, please direct them to the writer of the article, shown below. Do not burden J.A.I.L.'s already over-burdened email. Thank you. 
Yet, these JHS publications are followed up by numerous others apparently wanting "their story" published as well. That's the risk we run into. One of the criterion we use in deciding what "stories" to publish, are telling about precise court cases, giving case number, name of court, dates, names of judges/investigators involved-- in other words, as much precise identifying information as possible, rather than just a personal testimony. We want to focus on the court corruption-- with a chronology of events, giving names, dates, places, and results. But we can't publish all that we receive-- SORRY!  I hope we don't run into the dilemma of having to discontinue running these stories, because we know they serve a valuable purpose in educating the public on the need for J.A.I.L.
We have been asked by our readers to publish "horror stories" from time to time, which is what we are attempting to do. But when we do so, it brings on an avalanche that we can't handle. People complain to us that we didn't publish THEIR story -- and on and on it goes. Already we receive more material, other than personal "horror stories," than we can keep up with, and we're able to publish maybe half of what would ordinarily qualify for a JNJ. And as I said, our priority are articles dealing directly with J.A.I.L. itself.
That's the reason Ron created the Legal Discussions and the SoundOff egroups, so people would have an outlet to ask questions or speak their mind or complain-- where they need an audience. We appreciate those of you who respond to people writing to those egroups-- it takes a big load off of us.  If any of you can re-publish some of the "horror stories" (such as the one appearing below our signature here) sent to these egroups, it would serve an important need for J.A.I.L.  It's beyond our capacity to do so on a frequent basis.
Thanks for your understanding and help.  J.A.I.L. is growing by leaps and bounds, especially since it has broken ground in South Dakota. It's a real blessing, but it has its downside too.  Again, thanks to all of you who are helping.
ACIC, National J.A.I.L. Administration

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----- Original Message -----
From: Me You
To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 10:46 PM
Subject: Re: JHS: Corrupt Courts\Administrative Terrorism

Ann Reid
My case was in family court in Marshall County Kentucky. I grew up in that county and left just after high school, so the fond memories of my "home town" were all good. My new husband and I decided to relocate there just after our baby was born. I had no idea what I was getting into.
After being in our new house for one month, my husband decided he wanted a divorce. He hired an attorney and found out that we had not lived in the state long enough to file for divorce so he then set about creating the plan of my demise. He led me to believe that we were going to work it out, all the while he was having secret meetings with the people he would have to testify against me in a court battle to take custody of our baby girl. He chose people who already had their own personal agenda's, none of them knew him, some only had been in his presence a mere few hours before they testified for him, he had kept his hired attorney , the one that always wins in that town.
Two days after the supposed amount of time to live in the state to file for divorce came and went, my husband set up a fight between us. He had begun his plan, it was time for action. One thing did threaten to get in his way though. In the course of our argument, in front of our baby child, he lost control of himself and attacked me. I ended up running out of the house, baby in my arms, jumped in the car and went to the police station. I made all the necessary reports, the police put him out of the house within a few hours and the baby and I went back home. I was in pain down my spine, my ribs, all over really, and it got worse as the night crept along. The next morning I went to the doctor for x-rays... it was found that the steel Herrington rod which had been implanted in my spine in 1985, was broken in half and would have to be surgically removed. The rod had been permanently implanted, never to be taken out...and had been covered by shaved bone, taken from my hip. This served to create a permanent bone casing over the rod from my neck to my lower back. The surgeon's would have to chisel this bone casing out with a hammer and chisel to remove the rod. There was some chance I could be paralyzed.
Within 72 hours there was a "hearing" regarding the attack. I had no attorney, no money (he had drained the accounts) no job, a broken rod, and two daughters to care for. I hired the first attorney I saw who would take the case with borrowed money from my mom. In this small town of course all the attorneys are buddies... My attorney did not explain to me the significance of a Domestic Violence Order. He told me that if my husband went into court and lied, and the judge believed him, that the children and I would be put on the street with no money and nowhere to go, he told me not to go for the DVO. I didn't. BIG MISTAKE. At that point the case went from district court to circuit court and the "rod" became a moot point. At one point I was in the courthouse looking for my attorney when I happened thru a doorway by a room in which my husband, his attorney and my attorney were talking. I heard his attorney say... "Get her to sign this and we will be able to take this in front of the Commissioner upstairs". I did not know the ramifications of that statement at that time.
It was evident at our first hearing for the divorce/custody that my husband was going to lie his way thru court. I did not seriously think there was any way they could take my baby. There was no reason! I fired the first attorney and hired another one, still not knowing how to find a good attorney with no money. I went out of the county where we lived to the nearest "city" for my second attorney, knowing that Marshall County was a buddy- buddy system.
My husband and his "friends" were being extremely nasty...following me, sitting at the end of the road, threatening me, having other people intimidate me, spreading lies, coming into the house at night while the children and I slept upstairs.
My husband contacted my former husband, the father of my oldest daughter to come to testify against me. He was more than happy to. Eleven years earlier he had abused me severely, the courts knew it, and had given me sole custody of our daughter. He never tried to see her even on his scheduled visitations. When she was about 3, I called him, thinking that even though we had been a mess in our relationship, she still needed to know her dad. I began to drive her to visit him. Myself or my family kept up that practice until we moved out west, at which point I would buy plane tickets and fly with her back to see her dad, and later, she would fly alone. She spent every Christmas, every summer break...with her dad even though the court visitation only stated one day per month in the daytime only.
The Commissioner based his decison to transfer custody of the baby on two things. 1) The "dr's" testimony and 2) My oldest daughter's dad's testimony that I had hid her from him.  I also now am court ordered to drive my oldest daughter 400 miles every other weekend to see her dad.
During our marriage her dad had been so abusive the guns were removed from our home. The police spent many hours at our house while he was barricaded in the garage, or bedroom threatening to kill himself. The last time, he pulled a shotgun on me and if there had been bullets in it, I would not be alive. I went to the police and then to my moms, our daughter was six months old. A few hours after arriving at moms we received a call from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. They informed me he had taken a hostage and was barricaded in a business in downtown Nashville and that I had to come down there to help get him out. The building was surrounded by the Swat team. They admitted him to Vanderbilt Medical Psych Unit. This was all printed in the papers and turned into the court during the custody trial for the baby.
He testified that I had hid our daughter from him for 13 years, that he had hired private investigators in three states to find her, etc. He hired the same attorney the baby's dad had, who weaved the lies very well. The court ordered me to drive her 400 miles every other weekend to take her to see him.
The Commissioner ordered us both to have hair drug tests. I did mine. Six months later, I was still trying to get his results (mine were clean), the Commissioner then stated that I was just "fishing" and that he did not have to have his hair tested.
I knew that if a professional came to my home, interviewed the children and myself, that it would help me in court to have that testimony. My attorney suggested to the Commissioner a company to do a parental evaluation. The opposing attorney immediately suggested another "dr" and the Commissioner chose him. My husband and I began our "evaluation" with the court appointed expert "dr". Upon receiving the report and his recommendation, that my husband receive primary custody of our baby, I knew there was a snake in the woods. At the supposed "home visit" when the expert came to our house, he didn't go thru the house. He stated to me that I had better start believing in God, and told me about a case where his recommendation had been challenged and he won anyway. The "expert" knew that I loved God, since I had made it clear to him that was a very important aspect of my life. He told me the Commissioner would give his recommendation about 95% of his decision as to who would get primary custody of the baby.
I went to the police department to request an investigation into the broken steel rod in my spine and the attack. They laughed at me and told me that they had "heard about me". Seems my husband had called there telling his side of the story. They told me that I was supposed to ASK for him to be arrested, that my going to the police and filing reports was not good enough. I went to the County Attorney and requested help regarding the attack, he offered to call my attorney and get him to work on my case, he was a friend of his.
My attorney failed to turn in a witness list and I had six subpoenaed witnesses sitting in a room for hours to testify and none of them got to testify.
My attorney tried to quit my case three weeks before the final custody hearing. The judge would not allow him to do so. When I complained that I was not getting proper representation, the judge told me to go to the Kentucky Bar Association.
I had been trying to get my attorney to do a background check on the "dr". My attorney lied to me for months saying he had requested a background check, but had not received a response. When my attorney tried to quit, I contacted the licensing board that governs the "dr", they had never received a request from my attorney. At a very late date, he finally sent the letter I had written requesting a background check on the "dr" and took me to a back room for a "confession". He told me that he had been asked by the County Judge Executive to do a favor for the running candidate for the position of Kentucky State Attorney General. He said that during the campaign for that office, the Marshall County Democratic rally leader had been busted by a state police for DUI. In order not to embarrass the candidate for Attorney General during his campaign, they wanted my attorney to pro-bono the rally leader, and to drag court out until after the election. He did that. The rally leader was then sent to the same "dr" for his testing and evaluation. So... as it turned out, the reason I could not get my attorney to work on the "dr" deal, was because he was part of the "circle". I was told by another attorney in town that the "dr" had signed off on the rally leader's required attendance, before he actually completed the classes.  The Licensing Board sent a letter stating the "dr" had no past complaints.
Knowing there was trouble brewing and to try to save face with the Bar Association if I chose to complain, my attorney came forward with information that the "dr" was lying in another case in the same district. We filed a 60.02 Motion (New Evidence) filing the name of the case that the "dr" lied in. The Commissioner stated that it "would open Pandora's Box" on all of the "dr's" past cases" and ruled it "too far removed" from my case to be significant. I lost custody of my baby. She was transferred to live with her dad on July 18, 2004. I died inside. They separated siblings, so my other daughter has been so devastated by all of this as well. They slapped me with "standard visitation" meaning there are eight days between the time we get to see the baby, she was 18 months old at the time of transfer.
I had gone to yet another attorney during the time that my attorney had tried to quit. The attorney was an acquaintance that attended the same church as the girls and I. He told me for a $2500.00 retainer he could make sure the "dr" took it easy on me... he is a friend of his.
It was obvious throughout my court proceedings that the witnesses who testified against me were lying. The Commissioner didn't care. I petitioned the court for more visitation time, I was denied a hearing. I lost my child before I ever walked into court the first time. It was pre-ordained, I never saw the train coming until it was too late.
I filed complaints everywhere I could find. In the world of corrupt political buddy-buddy systems, no one offers advice of where to go...it's all on you to try to figure out the quagmire of your own demise, while you go bankrupt. My ex-husband was supposed to pay for a portion of daycare during the time I still had custody (one year), that order is still sitting on the judge's desk, yes, it's been there for a year. He will not sign it.
I complained to the Governor's office about the "dr", they passed the buck to the Office that licensed him, governed by none other than the Ky State Atty General who had been running for office when "his" guy was sent to the "dr". Since my complaint to the Governor's office named the Ky State Atty General as a part of the "dr" scam, I did not appreciate it that they sent my complaint directly to the office he governs, which oversees the "dr". A person did contact me privately from the governor's office tho, he told me Marshall County was the "poster child" for the entire state of Kentucky for family court dysfunction, and that everyone knew it, but that they were so good at it, they could not catch them.
I then made a complaint directly to the Board of Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors regarding the "dr" and his lack of ethics and lying. Of course my complaint was denied after six months of waiting for the board to hear it.
The first of Novemeber 2005, the "dr" was finally arrested for nine counts of practicing without a license. His arrest came out of the neighboring county. Seems his diploma came from an online school, not accredited. He never even met or worked with a professor. Months before his very detrimental testimony toward me, stating that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, an administrative law judge had posed the question of his ability to give DSMV diagnosis or to give any testing of psychology. The test he gave me and testified against me using, was listed as the one he was not supposed to give. He signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the state not to give psychological diagnosis or to administer the tests. He has been testifying to the court in incompetency hearings without the ability to do so. Imagine that...he is making people incompetent to deal with their personal lives, without the ability to do so! Wonder why the board that licensed him sent me a letter responding to my request for a background check into the "dr", that stated he had no complaints in his past.
Knowing the report was completely wrong, I went to another "dr", same credentials listed in the phone book. She gave me the MMPI2 test, supposedly a very well revered psychological test in the U.S. I came in "normal", which negated the first "dr's" testimony. I then took my raw test data to a third doctor at the local university. She said that my test scores did not show any elevation, nor were there any indicators of Borderline Personality Disorder.
One's natural tendency would be to think... well, then you have a great case, it was false, it should be reversed, or.... you could win in court with this information. WRONG. I can't get into court. I am denied at every turn...... People do not want to believe what is happening in their own back yards. It's too crazy to think it's going on... it IS going on, without a doubt, and it could be you or yours next!
My baby daughter cries in her sleep, "I want my mommy!", anytime she cries her first response is... I want my mommy! Even when I am there with her. I know that she feels this way all of the time, it hurts to know she needs me and I cannot be there for her. I am not allowed by my ex-husband to go to her doctor visits, pick her up early at daycare or any other natural thing a parent does for their child. I am strictly limited by him to my few hours per week we get to spend with her. He has accused me of being unstable, based on the "dr" and his testimony. The crook. By the way, he paid the "dr" even though I was court ordered to pay half, and the "dr" approved my insurance for payment as well.
I have requested an investigation into the dealings in Marshall County. So far, there will be none. What I found very interesting was that the state police told me that in order to get an investigation in Marshall County....a Marshall County "official" has to request it! Yeah riiiiight! Like that is going to happen! Seems this county has a lot of political pull and friends in all the right places. A well oiled money making machine that is ruining lives...forever. I will NEVER be convinced that the Commissioner and the opposing attorney were not aware that the "dr" was not qualified. My story has briefly been in the paper, I was contacted by another party who had the same experience in Marshall County Family Court. Same attorney involved, same "dr"... same Commissoner. That same Commissioner is running for "Family Court Judge" this time, he has no opposition. Nor does he have any accountability. Complete Power + Immunity = Corruption.
I have filed a new 60.02 Motion based upon Fraud Upon the Court. I also filed for the Commissioner to recuse himself. If I were a betting woman, I would bet, I will be denied.

VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org wrote:
    Judicial Horror Stories
Los Angeles, California                                   January 31, 2006
Disclaimer: We have been asked to post examples of judicial corruption as told by alleged victims thereof. We say "alleged" because J.A.I.L. cannot vouch for the authenticity and truth of these "horror stories" as we call them. They are merely the testimony of the writer to inform the public of examples of what is allegedly happening to the People in our courts today to show the dire need to make J.A.I.L. a reality. J.A.I.L. takes no position one way or the other of the personal views stated by the writer. Please understand that we cannot possibly post ALL testimonies we receive. For any questions or comments about the contents of the article, please direct them to the writer of the article, shown below. Do not burden J.A.I.L.'s already over-burdened email. Thank you. 

Any questions or comments, email directly to:
Clyde Ioerger (pron. "Yager")  at ioergers@juno.com
Corrupt Courts/Administrative Terrorism
As told by:  Clyde Ioerger, Longmont CO. ioergers@juno.com

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