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Questions on Judicial Immunity Posed By Attorney Gary Zerman
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From: Gary Zerman
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Subject:  More questions to think about


Good J4J JNJ.  [Re: Seven questions to ponder daily] You might consider following it up w/ these Qs for our opposition to answer (and for our supporters and the media to ponder):

1.  Where in the Constitution (what Article, section, clause - what spot) is
the basis/authority for the docrtine of absolute judicial immunity found?

2.  Why is it that none of the United States Supreme Court decisions
(opinions:  Randalll v. Brigham, Bradley v. Fisher, Pierson v. Ray, Pulliam
v. Allen, Stump v. Sparkman, Mireles v. Waco, etc.) on the doctrine of
absolute judicial immunity ever cite, reference or provide what the
Constitutional basis/authority is for the immunity?

3.  Our Constitution starts out "WE THE PEOPLE" (not We the Government or We The Judges) and the first purpose stated is "To Establish Justice"; that said, how can the sovereignty of We The People get inverted, turned on its head, by allowing judges, our public servants, by way of the doctrine of abolute judicial immunity, to be placed over, above and beyond, the rigths of We The People?

4.  Who will continue to uphold and support - absolute immunity for those
like Judge Stump, who in violation of due process and tenets of good
judging, signed an order to sterilize a young 15-year-old girl, who was
lied to and falsely told she was having an appendectomy and who never had an attorney, never appeared in court and never was represented in court?


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