J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles, California                                        December 15, 2004

Shocked??  This Happens
Every Day!
Just last night I posted a JNJ regarding the endless frustrations about the People in this country, with seemingly nothing they can do about it except COMPLAIN. The hopelessness we are hearing from all areas in this country-- none has a monopoly on law enforcement corruption-- is overwhelming. After posting the JNJ last night, I find the very next message to be the one below. "A story to tell the world"?  This-- and thousands of others just like it are told! The problem has been amply described in first-person testimony for all the years that J.A.I.L. has been waiting to be passed. If anything is shocking to us, it is that the People have not yet been able to get J.A.I.L. passed that would end the problem, or at least curb it considerably.
J.A.I.L. is the next logical step that must be taken as the best possible effort by the People to at least make an attempt to restore sanity to the law enforcement industry in America-- to restore Constitutional rule and responsibility that was designed to make this country great. If half as much time was spent talking about the solution, chances are it would have already been realized by now. Instead of focusing on the "Rescue Ship" (named "J.A.I.L.") that is sitting there in the midst of the storm, People insist on focusing on the storm itself-- the thrashing waves, the howling wind, the drenching rain. They are being defeated by that storm--
and the storm will continue raging on, until it is annihilated by the People!
More events as the one described below will take place, with increasing frequency and ferocity. It will not let up unless and until the People concentrate on the solution and make it happen. Our next chance is 2006!
(Please understand that we can't possibly post every story we receive-- this one is no "better" or more convincing than others. But it comes on the heels of yesterday's JNJ about complainers-- yet another one.)
ACIC, National J.A.I.L. Administration

Dear Sirs,  I can't believe I was so lucky to find you. I have a story to tell the world about. About the town of Roseville & Auburn California, County of Placer. Here you will find the most vicious, abusive lying "JUST-US" system anywhere ever. [We hear this from almost every state in the union!  New York is the worst-- Texas is the worst-- Rhode Island is the worst-- Oregon is the worst-- on and on... ]
The District Attorney David Broady & Judge James Garbolino stick together. Does not matter how many lies they tell or who they prosecute to get a conviction, they do it. This TRUE story about my family involves too much detail to write at once. However we are not the only family they have and continue to tear apart.
I will soon send you a three page detailed letter that will shock you.They are BIAS & they send MANY people to prison, BECAUSE THEY CAN. WHY? Do they not have to follow laws as all humans are to? [Morally and legally yes, but as a practical matter, NO --as long as the People take no steps independently to put a stop to it. Corruption takes control if the People don't.]  How can they allow people like Esperanza Solis to defraud & perjure the state of California welfare system for NINE YEARS and be granted immunity through them in exchange for a FALSE testimony that sent a someone to prison?
THIS DID NOT HAPPEN ONCE-- IN FACT IT HAS HAPPENED THREE DIFFERENT TIMES. Not once has she gone to jail or prison even though she took part in a crime. Why should a judge or the DA's Office be allowed to cheat & lie and the police beat people and NEVER answer to actions? Because of personal conflict between my family member & a bias judge they gave an innocent person a 42 yr prison sentence.
I will give whatever I can to see something done. Too many small hick towns hidden away in the hills as they are getting away even with murder. This happened again October 2004. I can give names of Placer County Sheriff whom I witnessed talk to another cop as he described what actions of abuse he wanted to in fact do to my brother while he was in jail for 2 years under their cruel care. They told him he would be lucky if he left there alive. I confronted one officer Dave Lopes; nothing was ever done for his misconduct. [J.A.I.L.'s founder, while being detained in a local police jail for several days-- no charges, no trial or hearing-- was threatened by L.A.P.D. with another tazering ("non-lethal" electrocution --after having already been tazered the previous day for not waiving his constitutional rights), with cutting off his fingers, with having his "skull bashed in," with being "beaten to a pulp" (all LAPD's terminology), if he refused to voluntarily surrender his fingerprints-- "We'll take them by force!"  No one except the power elite and their minions is immune from this kind of treatment-- the field is wide open. Ron sued these officers, and typically their misconduct was covered up by the system.]
Thank you for your time. 
M. Bobst  (California)

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