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Los Angeles, California                                          November 3, 2004

South Dakota Amendment A
Goes Down In Flames
As you know, J.A.I.L. has been exposing the attempts by the SD. Legislature to amend their Constitution to take away the people's right to vote for judges. It was promoted with the idea that such measure would result in better judges. However, can any thinking person seriously believe that the government can better be a check upon the judiciary than can the people? This, of course is the object of J.A.I.L., to wit, placing our nation's judges under the scrutiny of a Special Grand Jury created for that purpose.
Below is the posting on the South Dakota State Website on election results.
J.A.I.L's goal is now to make a nationwide example of South Dakota as we rally our forces to take up the task of setting a precedent on just what J.A.I.L. will accomplish for America.
-Ron Branson

Subject: Amendment A down in flames

Amendment A, which would have ended direct elections of judges in South Dakota, was defeated at the ballot box by a margin of 62% to 38%.

State Wide Election Results
Last Updated Wednesday November 03 2004


AMEND A (NO)   NO   227487   62%
AMEND A (YES)  YES  138346   38%

Here are the accolades:
Bill Stegmeier, the JAILer-In-Chief for South Dakota writes:
Do ya suppose we sent a message to these judges that we the people have had enough of their antics?  The message is.... we want MORE judicial accountability, not less.
Way to go....
J.A.I.L. in 2006!
Bill Stegmeier

Attorney Gary Zerman, Lt. Commander-In-Chief writes:
Let me extend congratulations to all those who worked to defeat Amendment A!  Particular kudos to Bill, Sam and Ron & Barb.   Good work you guys.  Thanks to all.  Your efforts were the difference.

But this is just one battle in a larger struggle.  Elena Sassower is still in jail; she has served 128/180 days; 3 attempts @ a writ of habeas corpus have come up empty, summarily denied w/o comment.  Judicial tyranny and unaccountability still largely run amok.  We've just begun to fight! 

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