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Los Angeles, California                                                    June 18, 2004

Dear Jolly Rogers
(By Jolly Rogers, jollyrogerx99@yahoo.com)
Response by Ron Branson below
From: jollyrogerx99
To: victoryusa@jail4judges.org
There are some of us who support the JAIL initiative who are NOT supporters of right-wing extremists or the baptist/protestant churches. In fact, if this thing is to succeed, libertarians will have to appeal to liberals/democrats/greens.  There are many anti-police state democrats (Kucinich/Nader supporters) who would be in favor of this type of initiative. I resent the notion that this is a "Christian" or right wing conservative type of movement. If it is, you will lose many.

What is needed is a state level Grand Jury that can indict corrupt judges and other government officials (why not include corporate executives as well).  I think getting support from academics, teachers, technical people is needed also. 

Personally I disagree with much of the libertarian manifesto. This initiative and legalizing marijuana are two GOOD ideas, but a flat tax is not (raising taxes on wealthy would solve the CA budget crisis), and there are arguments for some forms of gun control. 

If JAIL is to succeed you will have to avoid being portrayed as right wing, skinhead, or racist nutcases.

Dear Jolly Rogers:
It is my joy to address your concerns. First, I would like to note that I do not find you in our computer at all. Nonetheless, it is apparent that somehow you are hearing about us, and are acquainted to some degree with J.A.I.L. by your words, "There are some of us who support the JAIL Initiative who are NOT supporters of right-wing extremists."
Finding the limits of the outreach of J.A.I.L is becoming more a mystery with the passing of time. I am even told that people in the Pentagon are receiving the messages from J.A.I.L. (I offer no proof of that, but that is what I've been told.) I do know that we have the second highest command within a military profession in the U.S. Army who is one of us.
I am pleased to report to you that J.A.I.L. is neither right nor left, neither Republican nor Democrat, nor Libertarian. It endorses no church or religion, and yes, we consist of many academics, teachers, and technical people. It is neither for nor against legalizing marijuana.
J.A.I.L. is for enforcing judges to adhere to the laws that are written in pursuance to the state and federal Constitutions, or otherwise finding them unconstitutional. That goes for taxes or gun laws no matter how written. We are for Liberty and Justice for all!
J.A.I.L. is all things to all People. J.A.I.L. meets the needs of all agendas, organizations, and purposes, unless they be for other than preserving and enforcing our Constitution.
J.A.I.L. is like hot butter or salt to the dinner table. It is a staple that does not compromise any meal, but rather enhances it. J.A.I.L should have been from the first day our Framers designed the Constitution. Had it so been, America would not be in the condition it is today, and it is unfortunate that the People must now face the hardship and expense of installing it in their Constitutions today.
Can anyone find fault with J.A.I.L? The only general complaint I am hearing is that it is taking so long, but I remind people that if they expect to reap a field of corn, they have to face the expense of buying and planting the corn in order to reap a crop. Corn will not grow without expense and labor, and the more we put into it, the more we will reap. Said another way, "Freedom is not free. It faces the odds of being very costly." But considering the alternative, J.A.I.L. is cheap. And I like to remind People that even if we considered the alternative, and we lived to talk about it, we would still need J.A.I.L. Otherwise, we would merely be assured of a repeat history. Truth and Liberty are inconsistent with ignorance and apathy.
-Ron Branson
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