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Los Angeles, California                                                     June 4, 2004

Meet Us in South Dakota
As many of you know, J.A.I.L. has set its target sight upon the State of South Dakota as its first state in which to pass its Initiative. Bill Stegmeier, the South Dakota JIC, is sponsoring a Freedom Roast 2004, set for June 12th in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Information and details below.) If you need further details, write Bill at rmsroll@rmsroller-grinder.com. I am informed that he anticipates around 1,500 people at this event.
I am but one of the invited speakers with my subject being how passage of J.A.I.L. will prosper South Dakota. There will also be present two of our National J.A.I.L. ACICs, including Brad Goodspeed, Northwest Region (baronboy@aol.com), and our newest ACIC, Fred Smart, Upper Midwest Region (FKSmart@aol.com), both of whom I have requested to share my time in addressing the people.
Other speakers are: Bob Graham, Larry Pratt, Rose Lear, Bob Schulz, Iloilo Jones, Luis Ewing, Jack Mc Lamb, and Bob Newland. If you can at all make plans to be present, please do so. I shall look forward to meeting many of you whom I have only known by means of email. God bless you.
-Ron Branson


Fun For All


Family Fun


A Hog Roast - Dakota style
*advance tickets must be purchased by June 9th

You are invited to An old fashion county fair style, get-together for American Small Businessmen, their families, and the public.

A Hog Roast - South Dakota style, with all the fixings, will take place June 12, from noon until after the fireworks.

Join us for a fun-filled family day where small businesses can mix and mingle, exchange ideas, and discuss issues.

Three cash prizes of $50.00 each will be drawn, so please register for them @ the Freedom Roast Tent.  Drawing will be held @ 9:00pm.

And if the kids get bored watching the air show, listening to live music or can't sit still for the fireworks; we have activities, inflatable play areas and not to mention - Wild Water West is just outside the gate!

Scheduled events and attractions include:

Guest speakers from across the country will address some of the key issues small American Business are facing today.

Master of Ceremonies - To be announced...

Independent on site food venders.
  (for those who did not advance purchase roast tickets)

A tentative fly-over by the South Dakota Air National Guard.

A Air Show featuring the Vanguard Squadron out of Tea, South Dakota. 

Live music by The Neo Johnsons from Noon to 7:00pm.

Dakota Karaoke from 7:00pm - 9:30pm

A Professional fireworks grand finale at dusk

Freedom Roast 2004 is the first of what promises to be an annual event.

Where: A grassy knoll next to Wild Water West, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 5 miles west of the Sioux Falls Empire Mall on 41st Street, 4 miles south on Highway 17, Exit 77.
   (Click here for a Map to the site)

When: June 12, 2004

Cost: Free admission $5 dinner tickets must be purchased in advance.  Print this form and mail or call 605-498-0500 from 8:30am - 5:00pm cst for more info.  (You must pick up your arm band at the Freedom Roast tent to obtain a plate for the hog roast.)

* (the "Hardball Question" session has been postponed for this year)



Let the kid play on
The Titanic Slide!


Vendor Booths



Guest Speakers:

About Your Host

Freedom Roast @

Get Your Hog Roast Advanced Tickets
@ Get N' Go

Current Conditions
in Sioux Falls
Click for Sioux Falls, South Dakota Forecast

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