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Los Angeles, California                                                    April 23, 2004

Can It Be Done?
(By Lawrence Agee, J.D.)
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At this point, the only current "remedy" to widespread judicial fraud [without J.A.I.L.] is through the courts. We all know this is no remedy because the judges themselves have created "absolute immunity" for themselves.
The legislators will not do anything? Why? I don't know. I suppose because most of them are lawyers and they like the easy money.
The executive branch won't do anything. Why? They claim "separation of powers." Besides most of them are lawyers and they don't want to rock the boat.
Those who dare to speak out are attacked, jailed, publicly smeared and rendered unemployed. Every one who speaks up is either jailed (to create a criminal record) or slandered in the media and the DA.
The professionals who speak out are attacked the hardest because the DA goes after their licenses. This precludes most professionals from speaking out. See the Elena Sassower case for an example of what happens to a smart lawyer who speaks out. Sassower went to NYU. This is one of the top 5 law schools in the country. She has been viciously attacked just for trying to stand up. See what happened to Linda Kennedy. See what happened to Trafficant.
Everyone who has the guts to speak up is financially ruined by a DA or a judge. This is happening everywhere. The more examples they make, the more people are afraid.
They are quashing dissent just like some guy in Germany did 60 years ago. They are blacklisting us just like some guy in DC did 50 years ago.

Is [J.A.I.L.] legislation the answer? It may work because it removes the bulletproof veil. Can it be passed? Maybe, if a state could get it on the ballot. Can it get on the ballot? Maybe, if people collect signatures. Will people get the signatures prior to the deadline to get this on the ballot? Doubt it. Why? Not enough people to do the work? I don't know.
Someone needs to take the initiative and lead the effort. Who? I don't know, someone anyone. Is any state making progress? They don't have the initiative process where I am going. If anyone is collecting signatures, give us some feedback.

Lawrence Agee

Lawrence Agee:
Hang on to your hat. Following the 2004 elections, we plan to be out the door in collecting signatures for South Dakota. Why after 2004 elections? Because that is the first date we can legally collect signatures for the following election cycle.
Am I as anxious as you to get something visibly going towards the passage of J.A.I.L.? Absolutely! I have been hammering away at promoting J.A.I.L. now for nine years without remuneration. I have made three attempts at gathering signatures in California without any support funds.
I believe that now, for the first time we have a genuine shot at having J.A.I.L. on the ballot in a state, and that state is South Dakota. Our big task is going to be conditioning the minds of the voters of South Dakota that this will be good for their state, facing a whirlwind of the system, backed by the media, telling those in South Dakota that this will be bad for South Dakota.
One thing it promises is that J.A.I.L. will receive a flurry of attention by the national media. There will not have been anything on the ballot post Civil War that will have created more attention than J.A.I.L. And if we can get the entire nation in an uproar over J.A.I.L., we will have accomplished a great Victory, as J.A.I.L. is the Second Shot Heard 'Round The World.
So prepare to join in the war for the minds of the people in South Dakota, and get caught up in the storm of the flurry. This could be lots of fun.
Ron Branson

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