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Los Angeles, California                                                  April 18, 2004

Stop Telling Us The Problems, Give Us The Answer!
(By Maynard Ruyle)
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From: Maynard L Ruyle
To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2004 10:24 PM

Where is the information that will let WE THE PEOPLE file the charges against the Judges?  Where are the forms, and knowledge to even start fighting like you write? 
We all know the problems, if we have been in court. Stop telling us about the problems and start giving us the information to fight!!!  

Ron Branson's Response:
Maynard, the only answer is in the passage of J.A.I.L. All Americans will continue to sink evermore downward in the quicksand of despair as they lose their rights one after another until J.A.I.L. is passed.
Right now, too many, such as yourself, rather than financially supporting the passage of J.A.I.L., think they can spend their money on more appropriate ways for a remedy. Until they decide that the priority of their money must go toward the financial support of the passage of J.A.I.L.,  Americans shall face evermore frustration as you are now expressing.
You should know by now that you can file all the charges you want against judges, but it will get you nowhere. As I say, you still think there is another means outside of J.A.I.L. that will provide you a remedy.
What I recommend you do is to continue your current path until you become convinced that your avenue is getting you nowhere, and you realize the value of my words. Your problem is that you can't handle the truth. The truth is, J.A.I.L. Is the only answer! I don't think this is the first time I have said that! The forms are in your wallet, and you can mail them to:  P.O. Box 207, North Hollywood, CA. 91603, in care of "J.A.I.L."
-Ron Branson

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