Pondering The Path of J.A.I.L.
 (By Brian Bearnson, Utah JIC)
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Subject: That They Might See

  Hi Ron.
  As I was seeing in my mind the people that have actually been through the court experience , and by that experience understand the importance of J.A.I.L., I pondered what might we have to let those without that experience, see as nearly well as we do. I saw that what they lack is the knowledge and conviction that the court (Judge) is the only entity which holds the fate of the Constitution.
  We this people of this country are the only entity which can and must hold them accountable to the Constitution, that it might survive, and that our country might survive as well. That is about as basic as I can get.
  I'm looking for a concise picture so to speak which might convey this, but I am not to well with concise and ask if you might touch on this if you desire. I feel there are words which might be spoken to give those without the court experience a vision of what we know concerning that experience so that they might embrace the same conviction which we have.
 The picture is right there, I can see it, and am trying to convey in words what might be presented to the un-initiated that their hearts might be touched by the good spirit of God that they might see J.A.I.L. as we do and join us. Maybe a mixture of our personal testimony of the need for J.A.I.L. and a crash course showing the COURT holding the fate of the constitution and a vision of the people holding the reins.  Yeah.. if we let go, the thing crashes.
  How might we open our hearts to the eyes of the un-initiated that they might quickly see what we have seen through our long drawn out experiences in the court. That it IS the COURT wherein the problem lies concerning the fate of our constitution and country. We know by experience, but how might that experience be manifest to them that they might be touched by the Good spirit that they might gain a testimony of the importance of J.A.I.L. as we do?
  I feel that after pondering this I must teach this fact with all the strength of my heart to the convincing of the people that it IS the courts we must Focus on. 
Here are some of the thoughts which lead me to the foregoing: 
  Name one other entity other than the Judiciary branch of the government which has the power and/or authority to destroy, or on the other hand, uphold the constitution. None! We the people have given that power to the Government through the constitution. And rightly so for the executive branch is a powerful collective force much better physically and militarily suited to protect us in the swiftest and most powerful manner. But!, as George Washington warned, "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence - it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master!"
  Each and every case that goes to court is tested by the constitution and on a case by case basis. Only on a case by case basis is the constitution at risk of being destroyed and only a judge can do it. Whenever the constitution is tested for it's application it is only in a court of law that this law is tested, no other place.
 Where else is the constitution applied in practice?. The courts, and only in the courts. Is it a non-government entity that protects a persons rights an agency which is stated as law (The Constitution)? NO!.. It is the Judicial branch's duty, as prescribed in the constitution.
  If someone in a non-governmental capacity wants to protect , honor, and sustain the constitution as individuals, they must focus there energies on creating Constitutional law which will hold the judiciary ACCOUNTABLE to that supreme law.

  Does not the constitution provide a process to receive redress of our grievances? When we have a grievance we go to court to obtain redress of that grievance. That's where it starts and that's where it ends. When the court has violated the least of us, it has violated all of us.
  Three branches comprise the animal as a whole. The judiciary is Pitbull and the Legislature is the leash and chocker chain, and the Executive branch is the muscle in the flesh, but we must be the spirit and mind that controls the powerful monster - that animal being the three branches together as one animal.

  You cant trust the pitbull without a wise handler - the(wise) people. The Executive branch cannot be the handler alone without the spirit and mind of the people because it is inherently mindless, selfish and a conflict of interest exists because all persons employed under the three branches - each branch depending on the support of corrupt persons in the other branches - selfishly cover for each other for job security.  Persons employed in government sustain government as a growth industry. We must correct this belief they embrace with J.A.I.L. 
   The court exclusively is the entity that honors or dishonors the constitution. An individual person cannot protect our rights because if this were so I would not need to go to court for this protection, I would just declare it and it would be so.  How can an individual honor it?. In some capacity an individual can sustain the constitution and honor the principles of it and take whatever measures necessary that the beast honor the constitution thus redressing us of grievances.
Please correct me if I err saying the Court(Judiciary) is the "ONLY" entity which controls the fate of the Constitution, as we the people have given it this power to do so. That WE must control the courts through J.A.I.L. before the courts destroy IT.
Brian Hal Bearnson

Here is what I like to say to support your expressed theory. Our Founding Fathers knew they could not trust government, and so they created a chain to bind down the government per Thomas Jefferson's admonition, "Let no more be heard in confidence in men, but rather bind them down with the chains of the Constitution." And just so is the Constitution.   What we then did was give the key to this binding chain upon government to the judiciary. Only they determine what is the bounds of the chains of the Constitution.   Now in the first instance, this could seem proper, however, in the passage of time, and due to politics, the judiciary looses that binding chain upon government, and ultimately chains down the people. This is where we are at today.   It is obvious to say that decisions of the Supreme Court is not, and  cannot be the Supreme Law of the Land.   Therefore, J.A.I.L. creates a new chain exclusively designed to bind the judiciary so that they cannot venture beyond their own bounds by granting themselves judicial immunity. If the judiciary is incapable of determining their own limits, how can they determine the limits of goverment?   Just a a ship can have but one captain, ultimate power can rest but within one source. If it be in the judiciary, then the judiciary dictates the bounds of the people. If it be in the people, then the people dictate the bounds of the judiciary. So, obviously, the only place ultimate power can rest is within the people. Hence, the judiciary must judge the government, and the people, in the form of the Special Grand Jury within J.A.I.L., must judge the judges.   -Ron Branson VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org

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