Having Fun Promoting J.A.I.L.
(By JAILer Jan, [Janell Kirkland], Colorado)
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From: Janell Kirkland
To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org

I really enjoyed reading the creative ways in which several head JAILers are getting the message across; porta-potty races, etc. Sounds like something I could really get into...  If ever a community needed relief from incestuous judicial, legal, political corruption, it's Lakewood, Colorado and all Denver Metro "burbs".
Denver has one of the highest citizen - murder - rates, by police in the nation. It's one of only 40 (of the thousands) of cities in the U.S. to achieve putting a Citizen Review Board in place; no easy feat.
Even their own Mayor (Wellington Web) opposed it, (and aren't we lucky he'll be running for the Senate...)
They realized Internal Affairs and "cops, 'policing' cops" is a crock.
Still, every time a Denver "officer" murders someone, that action is
inevitably found "justifiable".  I'm sure everyone has heard of the murder  of a mentally challenged 13 year old boy wielding a knife in the doorway of his home in a Denver neighborhood, while the incredibly "well trained", all-powerful, mighty Denver police hid behind their squad cars in the street and felt that murdering the young man was the way to handle the situation. This is how certain they are that their actions will be found, "justifiable". ...   Most disturbing to me - and right on target with the J.A.I.L. initiative - is the number of "police officers" consistently acquitted by juries who still want desperately to believe that the police are above reproach when they're just, above the law. They (Denver PD) have topped themselves; 'achieving' over 12 'kills' in the last year. ....   I'll wear T-shirts, jackets, pass out pamphlets, whatever it takes. ....
As a vetern (translater - military intelligence), I lived, worked and
traveled recreationally in dozens of countries abroad and have lived in
and spent a significant amount of time in nearly every state in our
country; and I have never seen - "up close and personal" - open, blatant, corruption and indifference so consistent and to the degree I've seen and experienced here in cowtown U.S.A. ... I thought my war was over when I returned to my country; but I can see it's just begun. I'm ready to "fight the good fight".
Okay. So I begin by -printing the articles, etc. of J.A.I.L., and distributing them;
-gathering signatures to get it before the legislature;
-wearing my T-shirt and Jacket(s);
-distributing business cards
-instead of porta-pottys (thank you) I think a tricycle (mountain
bike?) race with the onlookers throwing water balloons at them/us might
be a fun way to get some J.A.I.L attention (borrowed from one of my Jr. H.S. fund raisers -back in the dark ages).
The point is, the information describing that which several JAILers did to get the ball rolling is, only heaven knows. Thank you for the ideas and suggestions.
God bless.
JAILer Jan (A.K.A., Tazzz!)

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