Ruined By the State of Indiana
(Letter Sent To Indiana JIC Biff Guenthenspberger)
(From Julia Phillips)
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From: julia phillips
To: biff
  Dear Mister G16   I picked up your email address off of one of the many groups I am on. Your request for survivors of past CPS [Child Protection Services] abuse from Indiana, sent chills down my spine.   In 1994, I lost a child to CPS in southern Indiana. I had three children, Jake was 13 and the youngest. We had just moved into this small town, didn't know many people. My husband just got a good job at a factory. I was a teacher who had homeschooled all of our children.   Jake was at a friend's house and got punched in the nose, just horseplaying, you know how boy's are. Well, he went to the park with his nose all bruised up, and one of the boys he had spent the night with didn't want to get in trouble, so they told him Jake's father had hit him. And of course the boy said he saw it all. Jake never came home again.   The state took him from us, and after 30 days of their damn drugs and brainwashing, they had him talking like a parrot. All though out the hearing, Jake repeated the same answers in the same tone of voice, I mean exactly. The only thing that saved my husband was the fact that he could not make a fist due to a accident in his younger days.   Our lawyer was someone the court gave us, and he was disbarred in another state soon afterward. The judge ruled against us, of course. Later that night we made the hardest choice of our life. We had to escape Indiana. We had already lost one child, and did not want to lose the others as well. Beside, that wasn't our Christian boy up on the stand. The state had twisted his little mind so much, he was something the State had created with all their drugs and counseling.   My other two sons grew up well. Both have Master Degrees and are doing well. Jake, we heard, had bounced from foster home to foster home. He was put in prison for stealing, and now lives some place in Kansas.   His brain was damaged beyond repair by the State. I am so ashamed. My husband never recovered from the trial, just kept sinking deeper and deeper into depression. Do you know what it is like to watch your husband die, a inch at a time?   My remaining sons are very bitter about Indiana and will have nothing to do with that state ever again. They are important men now, and the bitterness affects them deeply. They have passed up many contracts with the State of Indiana, and encourages others to do the same. People are listening.   We follow the news. Indiana's bad economy brings great joy to our hearts. We hope it keeps getting worst.   Janice Baltimore, MD

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