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Los Angeles, California                                         February 1, 2004
JAILers Calling On
Governor Schwarzenegger
It is no secret to this nation that the State of California is in a desperate financial crisis. Californians recently made history in recalling their Governor and electing Arnold Schwarzenegger to that Office. The net result was, while Schwarzenegger had nothing to do with California's horrendous deficit, he inherited the problem.
Just this last month, in addressing California in his State-of-the-State message, he made it very clear that California is not in a tax crisis, but a spending crisis. He elicited support directly from the people by making a statement that he would go directly to the people through the initiative process if necessary. He further stated "the more radical, the better." This, of course, had the earmarks of "J.A.I.L." written all over it, and a push has been made to reach Arnold on what J.A.I.L. has to offer California.
While Arnold has made a campaign promise to raise no new taxes, he is finding himself faced with the reality of a deficit that even overwhelms him. Now he is proposing floating a $15-billion bond. My response is that a bond measure is the worst type of tax increase, because it not only demands the principal (tax), but also an interest that presumably will exceed the $15-billion principal. It's somewhat like paying off your Mastercard with your Visa.
Just today I received my California Primary Election pamphlet regarding the March 2nd Primary. Basically it contains two issues: One is put on by the California Legislature as to whether Californians should be strapped with an additional $12,300,000,000 bond deficit on the backs of the taxpayers; the other one, to lower the current constitutional provision requiring a two-thirds vote by the Legislature in raising taxes, to only 55%. So the pressure is on to go for broke.
I say these things not to get involved in politics, but to say that Governor Schwarzenegger needs J.A.I.L. more than J.A.I.L. needs him. Let's face it, the task before him without J.A.I.L. is impossible. All California issues will end up before the judiciary where J.A.I.L. will hold all judges accountable to the people under constitutional scrutiny. The size and dimensions of government will slowly melt away and deficits will dwindle.
Motivated by a newspaper article dated January 20, 2004, in the Red Bluff Daily News (northern California), JAILer Donald Bird wrote on his letterhead as follows:
Donald M. Bird
P.O. Box 5313
Corning, CA 96021
(530) 585-2779
January 23, 2004
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Dear Governor Arnold,
    I enclose this news article, that appeared in the Red Bluff Daily News, to ask you to consider the "Rest of the Story."
    I have also enclosed documents that I plead you to review. I take the time to contact you because I truly believe you are an Honorable Man. I would be extremely respectful to be given a brief audience with you to discuss what I and many others are striving to achieve. To be allowed a short meeting would show that you are believable when you state the people are important. I ask you to prove this to us JAILers. We suggest holding hearings on this matter to show evidence from many, many citizens that a problem does exist.
                                                Thank you Governor,
                                                 Donald M. Bird    
cc:  Congressman Wally Herger
       Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa
       Ron Branson, J.A.I.L.
~  ~  ~  ~
Donald Bird's enclosure is a photocopy of the above-referenced newspaper article. It has a large 4 by 6 photograph of Arnold standing behind a podium. The caption under the photo reads "California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gestures during his speech to a meeting of the nation's chief justices in San Francisco Monday."
The article is entitled "Schwarzenegger speaks at judges' conference" in which the setting is that Arnold is addressing all the nation's chief justices in the country:
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Gov.Arnold Swarzenegger left a farm in Austria as a young man to become a championship bodybuilder, made millions in films, then ousted a governor later in life.
    Along that extraordinary path, the American justice system has protected him, Schwarzenegger said Monday.
    Schwarzenegger said he was "protected with open arms" by the courts as a young immigrant. That's when he needed visas to stay in the country, Schwarzenegger told a group of chief justices gathered for a three-day conference in San Francisco.
    "People born in America" take important things like freedom for granted, Schwarzenegger said. "People dream about it ... all over the world."
    Schwarzenegger had longed to come to America since he was 10, he said.
    "I came at 21 years old with absolutely nothing in my pockets," Schwarzenegger told the chief justices from around the country, including California Chief Justice Ronald M. George.
    He was able to stay and live a life that went beyond his dreams because of "the services you provide," Schwarzenegger told the judges assembled for the Conference of Chief Justices.
    "This is really wild," Schwarzenegger said, looking back on his life, adding that he hopes he doesn't "wake up from this dream."
    Again the courts stepped in to help him out later in life, Schwarzenegger said.
    A federal appeals court reinstated the Oct. 7 California gubernatorial recall election date after the American Civil Liberties Union sued to postpone the event. The civil rights group claimed that as many as 40,000 votes could be uncounted because of the use of punch-card ballots, the kind that prompted the "hanging chads" litigation in Florida's 2000 presidential election.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
It is easily discerned that Schwarzenegger is addressing the top judges of this nation from his own personal perspective as perceived by him approximately 30 years ago, which is not quite apropos to today's judiciary.
For the moment, we would like to rely upon the integrity of Schwarzenegger and that he just did not realize he was addressing the tyrannical snakes that control all the government corruption going on within this country outside of the federal judiciary.
Indeed, it is the very California judiciary, including Chief Justice Ronald M. George, which he was addressing, that sat at the helm as California shipwrecked upon the shoals, ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Californians. It is these very tyrants Arnold must oppose in order to acquire his objective of reining in unaccountable government back into the hands of the people.
Unknown to Gary O. Armstrong of either the Red Bluff article and above letter, he addresses Governor Schwarzenegger by certified mail as follows:
Gary O. Armstrong
8205 Santa Monica Boulevard, #1-412
Los Angeles, California 90046                                 January 29, 2004
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of the Governor
770 "L" Street - 8th Floor
Sacramento, California  95814
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:
    Congratulations on your recent victory. The people of California are getting rather anxious to restore sanity to Sacramento once again. John and Ken (from Station KFI in Los Angeles) have done a wonderful job to help thus far.
    This letter is in regard to California's economic crisis and your recent State of the State address. My friend, Ron Branson, has asked me to contact you regarding the judiciary in our State, which is totally out of control. Many judges seem to feel they have a right to make their own laws from day to day, with a total disregard for the oath they have taken to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as well as our California Constitution. This tragedy must stop.
    This Judicial Accountability Initiative, if passed by the voters of California, would be one of the greatest achievements in California. It will have to be passed by the voters of the State, however, as the present legislature would only attempt to water it down and make it worthless.
    The enclosed document [the California J.A.I.L. Initiative] would save California money, it would restore honesty and fair play to our judicial system once again, and ultimately make your new administration a "hero" to our people.
    Such an undertaking (a State-wide Initiative) is too much for the author to finance. The project is in dire need of your support. Please study this enclosed paperwork when you can, and let one of us hear from your office at your convenience. Mr. Branson is willing to travel to Sacramento to discuss the matter personally if you wish.
    Thanking you in advance for your consideration in this matter,
                                                            Gary Olyn Armstrong
(310) 274-2362, Ext. 539
Enclosures: Two documents.
Certified No. 7003 1680 0006 6567 4991
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gary Armstrong has been dedicated in following through with J.A.I.L. on the same path that brought about the California Recall, including the talk show hosts behind the Recall; Darryl Issa, the financier of the Recall; and Schwarzenegger's campaign manager, etc.
Those of you having any influence in reaching Governor Schwarzenegger personally are invited to contact us, VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org or call either (310) 274-2362, Ext. 539, or (661) 259-2570. We are attempting to help the Governor for his own good in accomplishing an otherwise impossible task before him.
-Ron Branson-
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