J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles, California                                   December 16, 2003

Impunity Immunity


Impunity Immunity

The Law's for them, but not for me.

Strip their rights, ignore the rules

… the law is what I say (the fools.)


My mind's made up. I'll see no proof.

I'll set their payments through the roof

Arrearages that I create.

Will make State bonus payments great.


U.S. Title Forty-two

Secures my robe and income too !

What "conflict" ? … Oh no, Not me.

I'm above reproach, you see.


Take their children. Take their money.

"Parental Rights" ? … I think it's funny.

What recourse have they at all ?

…complain to my friends down the hall ?

Appeal me if you think you can.

The legal maze shall be your end.

One more hearing. Two more motions.

"True & Just" - forgotten notions.


Who dares put me to the test?

Disbar & break them (like the rest).

Want to press it ? You will see

just how futile it will be.


Foxes as the henhouse guard…

Care less whose rights I disregard.

Green incentives surely will

Keep dockets and state pockets filled.


Behind closed doors we shall decide

Who'll "play ball" and join our side ?

Immunity: our strongest shield.

(My God… what power I now wield)


All may vote… in each election

yet none can thwart my insurrection.

Legislate all day and night

I'll change it (when the time is right).


I must admit my greatest fear

is of a jury called to hear

how I've plundered citizens

And turned "the law" to my own ends.


Lawyers must step carefully

They may again stand before me

But, common folk with common sense

Who sit and hear the evidence…


All unknown until that day

They'd render verdicts then walk away.

How could I control them then ?

My reign would reach a sudden end.


A jury returns too much power

to "The People" I've devoured.

They'd hold me like an anchor to

the Constitution I eschew.


I shall remain (until that day)

The King of all that I survey.


- Brutus -


Author: Lee Williams
(Published by permission)

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