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Los Angeles, California                                 December 13, 2003
Ron & Barbie Coming To The East Coast Next Month!
What a marvelous opportunity that has been offered to J.A.I.L. through the auspices of Bob Schulz of We The People Foundation in New York! (bob@givemeliberty.org). Mr. Branson, who will appear on the Sixth and final Panel of the conference, will address the solution to the  denial of the Right To Petition for Redress of Grievances.
We encourage each of you to view the Preliminary Agenda at http://www.givemeliberty.org/convention/agenda.htm and see the line-up of impressive nationally-renowned public figures scheduled, among whom is Mr. Branson. We note in particular that U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde is one of the invited participants. When he was Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he confirmed the fact that he received a copy of the Federal J.A.I.L. Bill when he wrote the following, almost four years ago:
(To: Tennessee Rep. John Duncan dated April 24, 2000)
Thank you for your recent letter on behalf of your constituent, Ms. Roberta Hamlin, regarding her request that the Judiciary Committee introduce a bill to address the issue of judicial corruption by federal judges.  .....  I am happy to look over her proposed legislation [The Federal J.A.I.L. Bill] and take it into account when issues such as these come before the full Judiciary Committee.
Two years ago, Mr. Branson personally handed the proposed Federal J.A.I.L. Bill to U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, also a scheduled speaker at this conference. Many J.A.I.L. subscribers have told us that they, too, have sent the Bill to their representatives as well, so we know that Congress is well aware that we're "out here."  By J.A.I.L. being represented at the WTP Conference in Arlington, Virginia, right next to the District of Criminals, the impact will certainly be felt at the whited sepulchres of D.C.
This first annual conference sponsored by the WTP organization, titled "Give Me Liberty 2004" is sure to be a wake-up call, not only to the People, but to the tyrants as well. Mr. Branson is certainly honored to be invited to participate at the inaugural WTP conference on January 21 - 24, 2004, which is just the beginning of such events.
Won't all of you join us in giving Bob Schulz a round of applause for his splendid work in leading The People toward restoring this country to the Constitutional Republic that it was intended to be from the beginning, and for officially recognizing J.A.I.L. as part of that endeavor. What an honor it is!
Ron and Barbie
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