The JNJ (J.A.I.L. News Journal) Library is compilation of all of the evidence and past news items that J.A.I.L. 4 judges has received, published or researched. This section covers the most important topics of 2002.

These articles along with others can also be seen at the J.A.I.L. Yahoo Groups: jail4judges, JAIL-Legal-Discussions, and JAIL-SoundOff.

It is presumed that people who write to us want their story posted, UNLESS INDICATED OTHERWISE BY THE SENDER. If such emails are indicated "Confidential" then all we can do is delete it. J.A.I.L. doesn't get involved with them, other than to post them for others to read and assist where possible.


The Black Collar Crime LogBook.
The California Family Court buddy system.    The Virginia Ol'Boy network.

A Song and Dance For Judicial Reform.    A Taste For Blood and Property!

A View From Inside The Courtroom, All Day -- Every Day.    A Skunk at the Lawn Party.

The courts evade responsibility -- again.    Monkey Business.    Let's target a juror!

Courts ignore Founding Fathers and violate Constitution.

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