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July 22nd

The local California J.A.I.L. Initiative has called for a business meeting to be held this coming Saturday, July 22nd at 1:30 pm at the Offices of Attorney Patricia Barry, 8235 Santa Monica Blvd, #201 (@ Harper, 1 1/2 blks. W of Crescent Hgts.) in West Hollywood. Her phone number there is (323) 650-7223.

The main thing on the agenda is making positive plans for a J.A.I.L. fundraiser in which we can all have fun and make money for J.A.I.L. We need to establish as much as possible the What, Wheres and Hows. From past experience we have found that fundraiser proceeds are eaten up mostly in overhead when they have been held at hotel facilities.

We need to attempt to arrange everything to be done among ourselves, such as a cauldron of spaghetti, etc. A volunteer with a large estate for an open fundraiser, or someone with a hug backyard, or the use of a park facilities would be along the lines we are thinking. Having thus said, bring your positive ideas of where. We do need your help! Let's strive to walk out the door this Saturday with positive plans!


J.A.I.L. is scheduled to go on the Allen Raymond Show.

Allen has designated the second Sunday of each month as "J.A.I.L. Night." The program will start at 8:30 pm California time (adjust your time accordingly) and continue until 11 pm.

The guests with Allen Raymond will be Attorney Patricia Barry and Schantz.  Patricia Barry is J.A.I.L.'s home-based  attorney. She is very aggressive and knows the ropes. She has some thirty years experience, and is well acquainted with the "dirty tricks" pulled by the out-of-control judicial system.

Some thirteen years ago she won a landmark case in the United States Supreme Court. She is a legal bulldog with principle and dedication. She even attends our street demonstrations holding up signs like the rest of us.

Schantz is a columnist with the Lewis County News in Washington State, and is also a co-leader in Washington State J.A.I.L. His wisdom comes through in all his writings. He has had considerable experience on the air which has resulted in the board being fully lit by the listening audience. We are  certainly looking forward to what Schantz has to present to us.

This is a listener call-in program, and you may ask questions of either of the guests by calling (661)721-0313.

You may tune in to listen at www.truthradio.com which  reaches the entire U.S.  We ask that everyone listen, and particularly all of our J.A.I.L. leaders across the country.

-Ronald Branson-victoryusa@jail4judges.org



Go to www.truthradio.com and follow its  instructions, or read the instructions below.

1. Make sure you have a media player installed.You may install Real Player or Winamp. If you already have Real Player, Winamp requires that you uninstall Real Player before installing WinAmp. After you down load either program from the net, you have to install it. Go to Windows Explorer.  Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove a Program. Look over your installed software components. You  should see a listing for RealPlayer or WinAmp.  Make sure one or the other is installed. (Installation is required to operate). To do this, run the installation setup file that the players come with. It is ordinarily a self executing program that will unzip (self-expand) the file. To do this click on the RealPlayer or WinAmp file. A window will open showing it expanding

2.  Make sure your speakers are connected.

If you do not have a sound card or speakers, you will not be able to tune in.

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