Jail4Judges is entirely a grass-roots effort. Currently no one involved in JAIL receives a salary. We are just people fed-up with the direction our country is going and principled enough to change it. We believe in the cause of JAIL, and know that if it is to be successful, we must 1) support to advertise, and 2) advertise for support, spiraling ever upward until it becomes a glorious reality. (What a celebration day that will be.) This, of course, means gaining people's confidence across America that we are the channel [and even The Only Channel] to "make their dreams come true" in restoring freedom to this country. (You need not live in California to help.)

Let's take on the judges who have already expressed that We, the People, will not be able to pull this off. The California Judges Association is saying we won't get the backing to get this initiative on the ballot; that the people are intelligent enough not to vote for it if it does; that if it passes, it will be challenged as a violation of their First Amendment right to free speech, that they will be denied due process of law, and denied a right to a jury of their peers. As we become better known, you will hear judges scream like never before. They will spend untold millions to counter our threatened victory. Never in the history of California will an initiative be so hotly debated. Even judges in other states will be opposing it. Note: One Superior Court judge called confidentially to say that we desperately need this initiative, but indicated that they were not free to speak out publicly of their support and we could not use their name. We accepted that.

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