Black Collar Crime

From: Richard E. Sweeny
To: Lyle M. Webster ; Jan Meisenger ; Jail For Judges ; David Anderson ; Chuck Shaw
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2000 5:53 pm
Subject: judicial crimes

Until there is a catchy name for a product, service, or new trend, etc., there is little progress in that area. At this time, there is no name or cliche' for judicial crimes, like there is for any other crime. In fact, the public is in denial that judicial crime even exists, despite the massive evidence.

What we need is a name for it. I think "black collar crime" fits well. We have white collar crime, so why not black collar crime? The only profession which wears black collars and commits crimes is the judicial profession, so it would be obvious what it refers to. If we keep saying "black collar crime" often enough, maybe people will wake up and admit that it exists. Tell me what you think.


There already exists "White Collar Crime," and "Blue Collar Crime." We at JAIL believe that it is high time to recognize "Black Collar Crime." We hereby encourage everyone, everywhere to start using this term when referring to judicial corruption. By repeated usage, this term will catch on! Our thanks to Richard for his excellent idea!


J.A.I.L. now has an online log of Black Collar Crime, that is kept updated on a regular basis. Check it out! -- J.A.I.L. 4 Judges Technical Support.

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