by Dr. Richard Weiss

I have always believed that nothing short of a revolution and complete overthrow of the judiciary will ever amount to ANYTHING. Appeasement will work no better with the power moguls called "judges" in 21st century Amerika than it did with Stalin or the Germans 60 years ago. Only an atomic bomb solved THAT threat then. What do we have to use now?

The "smart bug" is the judiciary. The term "smart bug" is a term I borrowed from the recent science fiction movie, "Starship Troopers" to denote the leader of the alien bugs who had declared war on humanity. The "smart bug" bored holes in the skull of humans and then sucked out their brains to get smart and figure out how humans would react and behave.

In a like manner, the judiciary sucks out the personal liberties and life-force from the souls of citizens and then throws the corpses aside for fertilizer to grow their crop.

The judiciary has to GO, first and foremost! Then, the attorneys must go (maggots who feed off the glutinous effluent and waste products of the "smart bug)."

The lawyers and judiciary have covertly infiltrated the legislative branch of government and control and decide what laws are passed. This action by the federation of legislator-lawyers is in direct violation of the heretofore sacred principle of separation of powers. Even if a law is passed that the judiciary does not support, they are able to disregard these laws with impunity, the same kind of felonious violation that would incarcerate mortal men.

We live in a dictatorship with puppet heads of government. The people are deluded into thinking that they elect parties to represent their needs and elect representatives to speak for them. It is all meaningless, because there is NO government, other than the autocracy of the judiciary which is the supreme rule.

Just look at how arrogantly the judiciary (even one as lowly as a state circuit judge) was able to completely disregard the orders of the executive branch of the United States acting through its agency, the INS, in the case of the Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez kidnapped by his mother and stepfather.

The judiciary arrogantly defies international law (the Hague treaty) addressing illegal international kidnapping of children.

The courts here are OUT OF CONTROL AND TYRANNICAL. They have to be stopped. Rhetoric and talk of patriotism and constitutional rights are all commendable and even inspiring. But, we need to take effective action, and soon. Our children and indeed America depend on it. ....

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