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The beauty of our Republic and its basic principals have almost been destroyed by Democracy. Our founding fathers knew of its danger if unleashed. We are going down a short road to the end of truth, justice and liberty because of Democracy. Where a Republic results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, contentment and progress. A Democracy results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent and anarchy. How we switched from a Republican form of Government to this one, I am not sure, but unless we unite our efforts and change one day soon, this kind of forum will be outlawed.


James M. Morgan
Publicist / The Jeff Davis Show

Dear James:

Thanks for apologetics in behalf of the Republic. I don't have your location. We like to have at least the state from which our people are writing. We sometimes have occasion to refer our subscribers to others in their particular state, for possibly getting a JAIL initiative started in that state. This trend is growing nationwide. We're hoping that other states may be able to get JAIL on their ballot. Once that happens, it'll be the impetus to get others to follow-- the "domino" effect, if you will. However it happens, it must!

James, you hit on a very important and salient point. The loss of our Republic. I see this as part of the takeover by world government, destroying the independence of sovereign countries and their people. Of course this is perpetuated by GREED of money, power, and control. And, it is insatiable-- the more the "power in high places" have, the more they want and demand.

You said that unless we unite and change back to a Republic form of government, "this kind of forum will be outlawed." You are so correct. I'm afraid that those who would want the same thing, are fighting on too many fronts, so that our efforts become diluted. We must concentrate all our efforts on a common front-- one that will take care of all the others. I have found that all causes ultimately are affected by the courts. Judges have the final say on all aspects of our life, on all issues you can name. The bottom line is, we have to concentrate on getting our judicial system in order. Judges have to be accountable to the People, not to other judges. The judicial country-club style of existence has to be seized and brought to account before an independent, nonpolitical cross-section of the People. James, only in that way can America hope to regain its Republic.

We once claimed our independence from tyrannical "King rule" in England, but now we have an oligarchy of kings, known as judges-- even more tyrannical. "The king can do no wrong" is where the idea of judicial immunity emanated. That has become deeply entrenched in our judicial system as a matter of judge-made policy, not law, and it is that policy that has taken over our lives and broken the backs of society. This oligarchy of kings has proven to be very political, very selective, very arbitrary, and very dangerous!

James, our ONLY hope (on a human level) is to get J.A.I.L. enacted in every state in this union. That will set the stage for a similar federal program which also must come to pass, albeit through Congress-- but the pressure will be there. Once we regain our status as a "Nation of Laws" and cease to be a nation of men (politics)-- we will see the emergence of "the beauty of our Republic."

Thanks for this opportunity of responding to this important matter.

Ron Branson

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