(Letter to J.A.I.L & our response)


OK, I do have a question:

What can be done to reduce the power of courts and attorneys in our personal lives, i.e. family law?

My personal experience and many reports from others indicate that fathers are systematically reduced to slaves of the DIVORCE INDUSTRY. Justice, equality and human rights have no place in the family law system of America. I was shocked to learn that judges can preside over cases plead by attorneys who have financially contributed to their election. This should be called what it is, organized crime.

And this is not just the case in family law, but there it is so easy to discriminate against fathers and strip their rights away, sentence them to lives of poverty (supporting attorneys, courts and ex's) AND deprive them of their children. Kick them while they're down.

This is not the country that all these flag-waving, patriotic bozos claim it is, not any more anyway. Power and greed have corrupted every arm of the government. I don't trust anyone in politics or the legal profession/system today.

But there must be some way of winning our rights back without waging war. It would also not be right to destroy all we have worked to create. I am just very frustrated by it all. I wish this power crazed, greedy world would just go away.

Thanks for the ear Ron,


Dear Steve:

You are quite correct and accurate in your analysis of what has happened in this country, and you are to be congratulated on pin-pointing the exact cause of it all-- OUR CORRUPT JUDICIAL SYSTEM! Yes, Steve, that is the Head of the Snake and unless We the People crush that Head, the Snake will continue to crush all of us, one by one, until only the Snake remains! That may sound like an evil fairy tale, but I am finding over the last few years, and especially since the Internet, more and more people waking up to this cruel reality, such as you have. As we wake up, we have to keep sounding the alarm!

Yes, it's frustrating, demoralizing, and depressing-- but we have to use that frustration in a positive way of rising up and putting an end to this judicial tyranny! And I have found that the only way to do that is by getting JAIL a reality all across this country. JAIL isn't just one way-- it's the ONLY WAY! We must use JAIL to take control of this Beast-- and that's what it is-- a senseless, out-of-control Beast with way too much power!!

There are many, many learned legal experts out there, who may, and probably do, have the law down pat. They know their history about the origins of this nation and what it has become theoretically. But one missing ingredient in all of that is, the tyrannical system doesn't care!! They are in control as a matter of fact-- of reality-- despite common law, despite Grand Juries, despite the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, despite UCC codes, despite redemption, despite the Federal Reserve, despite our bankrupt nation, despite the U.N., despite the WTO, despite Congress, despite case law precedent, despite rules-- despite everything-- there's no excuse, THE JUDICIAL TYRANNY JUST DOESN'T CARE!! The few "officers of the court" out there who are honest and have a conscience, are swallowed up by the Beast. They hide and cower, keeping a "low profile" because it's the only way they can make a living after spending many hours in school and big bucks to do so. They're behind us in spirit, but can't be open about it.

It is an out-of-control Beast that is IN CONTROL-- sounds like an oxymoron, but it's true. The distinction is between what it should be, and what it actually is. The Beast should be under the control of the People (in that sense it is "out of control"), and yet the Beast has usurped all power and has taken over (in that sense it is "in control").

Sounds complicated, but that's one reason why We the People allowed this to happen over the years-- because it has happened gradually (like the "cooked frog" syndrome), and because it is a complicated system-- the Beast has purposely made it that way so that it could gain control.

A government OF the People shouldn't be complicated TO the People-- it's THEIR government! Yet, how many of us understand what OUR GOVERNMENT is doing TO US-- to We, the People?? Chew on that thought for a while! You said you're "shocked" --and rightly you should be. WE NEED MORE SHOCKED PEOPLE OUT THERE TO WAKE THEM UP to what's happening to us-- all of us!

As one of our loyal and well-respected subscribers keeps saying, the fault is "our ignorance." YES-- and all the more reason it is the responsibility of those who are NOT "ignorant" (such as you, Steve, now that you have become aware) to sound the alarm to wake up the rest of us!

In my humble opinion, I think it's a disservice to say "The judicial system is not at fault-- it's the ignorance of the People" when it's that Beast (the judicial system) that has TAKEN ADVANTAGE of the "ignorance of the People" and is now suffocating them. That Beast holds a fiducial responsibility. It's duty is to uphold the public trust, earning the confidence of the People-- not take advantage of their "ignorance." The People put the judicial system in place, charging that system to act righteously and lawfully. That's why the judicial system is there-- TO PROTECT US FROM UNSCRUPULOUS GOVERNMENT! As the U.S. Supreme Court has stated "The touchstone of due process is to protect the individual from arbitrary acts of government." Due process is a tool to be used in the judicial system for our protection-- but the judicial system of today has deprived us of that protection by usurping powers we did not give them! As I stated before, they just don't care!

So I ask, IS THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM AS IT EXISTS TODAY AT FAULT, DESPITE THE IGNORANCE OF THE PEOPLE? My answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY! And we'd better place the blame where it truly belongs, and then DO something about it-- something that will work! How about giving JAIL a chance -- before it's too late?

Thanks again, Steve, for giving me this opportunity to respond to you. I hope this has answered your question, and if not, let me know. God bless you.

-Ron Branson-

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