An Essay by S. Schantz
Columnist of The Lewis County Community News
    Liberty is already here, or has it passed?  Name one thing you can do without getting some form of permission first, or having to pay a fee beforehand.
    You need permission to exercise a right. Rights have now become Privileges. How and when did that happen? It is now impossible to live a normal life of any kind without committing some criminal act. Most Laws you will break you don't even know about!  Today, you have no chance to know or even the possibility of knowing all the Laws, never mind trying to read them in your lifetime-- if you could understand the legal language in the first place.
    Today, the impossibility of living within all the Laws makes all of us criminals. Now all the Government has to do is pick which person it wants to get rid of, then get him for breaking some unknown Law. Our so-called Servants have given themselves immunity under which they can kill and plunder the People they are supposed to work for, and can do so at their pleasure.
    The most heinous crimes today are crimes against the State. Most of the crimes against the State have no victims, no one is harmed in any way, but are more severely punished than are crimes with victims. 
    Our Police, which we hire as our Protectors, are more interested in protecting themselves and their jobs, than the people whom they are hired to protect. The police today willingly enforce laws they know, or should know, are unconstitutional-- not to mention which violate the Oath they took to Protect and Defend the Constitution. 
    Today, more innocent people are killed by Police, than are Police killed on duty, even with traffic accidents taken into account. We have crimes committed by Police and covered up by Police. Where are the good Police? The silence from the good ones is deafening!
    We do not give State funerals for the killed innocents, but let one in the Police get killed, or die of natural causes, they get a State funeral whether they died as a hero or not.
    Everyone claims it is a dangerous job to be a Cop, but in reality it is one of the safer professions, so let's kill this myth! We make it a worse crime to kill a Cop, than it is for a Cop to kill a Citizen.
    Our Police today are showing a willingness to carry out any order, from any authority, as long as they can claim they are doing their Duty, or they are just doing their Job, or it's the Law.
Nuremberg is forgotten today. So are the pleas the defendants cried, that they were just doing their Duty or their Job, or it was German Law, and they were just carrying out the Law at the time.
    Is it happening again in this prosperous Country? Is it only the uniforms that have changed? Has the State become all-powerful where we are nothing more than Subjects once again?
    Our Courts operate the same way Nazi Germany's courts did. They rule on the Law --not whether the Law is constitutional. In fact, the lower courts will not even address a constitutional question. 
    The Supreme Law of the Land is the last to be followed, and the most difficult to be addressed in any court, when it should be the first and the easiest. After all, it is the Supreme Law of the Land with which all other Laws must comply in the Spirit and Word of it as written, until it is properly amended.
    The burden is now on the Citizens to prove a Law unconstitutional, and that takes more time and money than most have, making it an impossibility for most.
    Our Judges cannot judge with their Conscience but must sentence according to some Law, which may have nothing to do with the case in front of him, and take no account of the circumstances involved. So our good Judges have their hands tied and cannot fairly judge anymore because of the constraints imposed. Our Judges, good and bad, refuse to speak up against unjust or unconstitutional Laws, as like the Cops-- their jobs are more important than their Oaths!
    Our Jury system has been under attack for many years, and what is left of it is to give verdicts that are just a rubber stamp of ruling-- did the person break a Law, not whether the Law should apply, or even if the Law is just. And Heaven help the juror who dares to bring up the subject of whether the Law is constitutional in the first place!
    Our Lawyers have taken over control of the country in Politics, and as Bureaucrats in charge of Government Agencies, and care not but Money and Power. Laws are not even read by the elected officials before passing them into Law. The Lawyers are in control of Government and most big Corporations who work hand in hand against the People they are supposed to serve. Lawyers are now the new Ruling Class.
    Our Politicians are now Career Politicians where the whole family becomes a de facto new Royalty, with one succeeding the other to Power and Riches far beyond what they earn in wages. Our Politicians spend millions to get elected to positions that pay far less, and still retire as Millionaires. Most of them never honestly earned that much money had they saved every penny they were paid in the position elected to.
    Our Government habitually lies to the people, and the people know this-- but most don't care! When the new elections come, people will not clean these known Crooks out, as the Politicians play the Fear Game-- "THE OTHER IS WORSE." And we vote for the lesser of two evils again.
    When questioned why people continue to vote for someone they don't want instead of a third party, or a dark horse in the main party which they do want and like, you are told the other person can't win. So the cowardly voter, who votes the lesser of two evils, guarantees the continuance of evil, leaving no hope for a peaceful change of anything.
    Then we have the voter who votes for, what's in it for himself, or for those who promise him Goodies from the Public Pocket. Neither of the two types of voters deserves to live in a Free Country, as they take no responsibility in regaining or maintaining Freedom.
    Do we even know what a Free Country really means anymore? I think most of us think Freedom is Comfort. We are a Nation of Comfortable Slaves unwilling to change, till some who still understand the true meaning of Freedom are once again willing to die for it.
    The only question is, when the Resistance diehards starts again.

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