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As I've written elsewhere, the fact is that many Federal district judges are apparently in the terminal stages of mad cow disease when it comes to interpreting the law.

I have personal experience of this: A Judge Sam in Utah ruled that my employer, then the University of Utah, had every right to force me to conceal evidence of theft and insurance fraud allegedly committed by my department chairman's lady friend, because reporting the alleged criminal activities would have caused "legal exposure" to the University of Utah - not to mention the chairman's good lady friend, who has subsequently had claims of theft and insurance fraud filed against her - causing her to sue me for "Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress" for reporting her to law enforcement authorities after I had left the University of Utah!

She did so with Utah State taxpayers' money via the Utah Attorney General which is also funding her defense in what the Utah State Insurance Fraud Task Force calls "an open and shut case of insurance fraud" (direct quote from their then-director, David Lattin.) Guess it pays to be the lady friend of a powerful University of Utah academic. Cold fusion, anyone?

In fact Judge Sam calls my attempts to report the alleged crimes a "vendetta" against my chairman and his lady friend. According to Judge Sam - and this is pretty much quoting directly from his summary judgement against me in my lawsuit against the U of U - I could not claim the right to report alleged crimes if **I disliked the people committing the alleged crimes**. ......

There is hardly a fraud artist, mugger, rapist or murderer that would not fall to his or her knees before Judge Sam and thank him for so ably assisting them in their war against trust, honesty, and justice. To imply that a hoodlum's victim can only report him if the victim bears him no ill will (and thus presumably would not report him in the first place) may, in some twisted way, explain why Judge Sam accepted a plum sinecure in the Mormon Missionary service within days of passing out his outrageous and, in my opinion, criminal summary judgement. I'm appealing Sam's insanity...

PLEASE feel free to use my case as an example of the outrageous, crazed, openly partisan, openly (in my opinion) CRIMINAL actions of the reckless, arrogant, unaccountable, brain-damaged poltroons who infest the Federal Judiciary and use their high office to defecate on our civil rights. ...

Cheers, and keep up the good work.


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