Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2000 10:09 am
Subject: Grand Phony

There was something that came up locally that I thought you GJ Chauvinists may appreciate (or go into denial.)

To review there are some innocents out there that consider the grand jury the ultimate (and only) method for indicting and prosecuting corrupt politicians.

Actually, the state legislatures have given equivalent powers over to governmental agencies, bureaucrats and any law enforcement officers. We have these same powers although rendered impotent and atrophied through disuse.

Our local gestapo has overstepped their constitutional limitations on a regular basis. Recently, a grand jury here indicted a capere for stomping a handcuffed drunk and repeatedly smashing his face into a curb while he was bound and helpless. A security camera caught the entire incident on tape and a local politician that managed the hotel where the crime occured was an eye witness.

A six-member grand jury was shocked at the offense and decided that there were grounds to prosecute the cop for assault and battery. Our county prosecutor, Bernard "Step and Fetchit" Carter decided that he could not convict the perpetrator on the evidence available and noll prossed the case.

So the question is, IF you get a grand jury indictment THEN what do you do?


Dear James:

As the politicians say, "I'm glad you asked that question." You have entitled your subject as "Grand Phony," obviously referring to the entire Grand Jury system, including JAIL's, inferring that jail4judges is impotent.

Since you have directed your question to jail4judges, I take it that you are expecting an answer to your question as it regards to the Special Grand Jury (SGJ) established by JAIL, and not the existing Grand Jury system as currently operating. With that in mind, I respond.

Once the SGJ indicts a judge, they automatically set up a special petit trial jury and appoint their own special non-government prosecutor, who prosecutes the case with all the powers of any other prosecutor within the state.

Upon conviction, the jury that tried and found the judge culpable, also sentences the miscreant judge. There is no exercise of any powers by any government official.

Of course, we know that the Grand Jury, as it operates in the current system is not permitted to exercise its autonomous powers, but is superseded by the prosecutor. The prosecutor is KING!

Does that answer your question thoroughly?

Ron Branson

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