JAIL's response to the article by The Florida Bar News.


It is with great interest that we respond to your article in The Florida Bar News on January 1, 2000, concerning pro se litigants. This writer is author of the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (JAIL) which is designed to establish a system of judicial accountability to the People. Our judicial system is currently unbridled and out-of-control, wreaking havoc on our society as a whole with willful and unlawful rulings in deliberate disregard of people's rights under the law as well as their personal dignity.

The increase in the number of pro se litigants is a symptom of that problem. As the courts become more and more arbitrary, the individual becomes more and more concerned about the lack of the rule of law in our courts, motivating him to research the law for himself and learn the procedural process to prosecute his cause, on a personal level, before the court for redress of his grievances. The basic foundation for the operation of our legal system is DUE PROCESS OF LAW which the Supreme Court has well established is to protect the individual from arbitrary acts of government.

The individual is not being afforded that protection in our courts any more, and haven't for quite some time. The research of law by the individual reveals to him many principles of law that have become meaningless, and it forces him to become more and more persistent in demanding that he be protected under the law by the institution created to do just that-- our judicial system.

That is why the legal system which includes judges, lawyers, prosecutors, magistrates, commissioners, law enforcement officers, all of whom have an interest in upholding the status quo of the system, cannot stem the tide of the ever-increasing pro se litigants-- who are individuals whose rights are not being protected under law. More lawyers is the antithesis to resolution of this trend. Lawyers aren't interested in the rights of the individual, by and large, but the lucrative business they gain at the cost of the individual. Greed is what drives them.

The ONLY answer is JAIL. Unless and until we establish in this country a system of accountability for judges, the individual will continue to be legally raped, plundered, and pillaged, while lawyers will profit more and more from the legal scam, all at the expense of those victims (aka "clients"). People don't need more foxes to guard the hen house!!!

(In case you wondered, this author is a pro se litigant, currently prosecuting his fourteenth case in the United States Supreme Court.)

Ron Branson

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