By Tinsley Grey Sammons

How can good people make a career out of enforcing bad laws? The for-the-good-of-society-protect-our-children-license cannot hold Common Sense at bay forever. Enforcers must either be bad to begin with or become "bad" in time by absurd rationalizing and the suppression of their own Conscience.

Enforcers are only the "hit-men" for the all-powerful Prosecutorial State. Bad laws subsidize the Judicial Industry at the expense of the individuals who make up the "society" they are employed to serve. Much of law enforcement's available resource is applied to retrieving financial fodder to feed the "courts." Much of that fodder consists of unfortunates who have done nothing intrinsically criminal.

"Well, it's the law." This is the sorriest excuse ever created to justify the criminal abuse and financial rape of ones fellow man. In reality, the most sophisticated of America's criminals are in our legislatures and legal system. Since there is no longer an effective separation of powers, it's time we went after them with something more powerful than wishful thinking in the form of a vote at election time.

The near-universal and institutionalized disrespect for the Bill of Rights has greatly diminished the value of the ballot. What good is "representative" government in the absence of a legal system that stands firmly on universal respect for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and the laws of the land made in pursuance thereof?

Re: The police code of silence. To have knowledge of a crime and fail to report it is a felony known as "obstructing justice." If grand jurors were aware of their power and their duty, they could quickly put a stop to the institutionalized obstruction of justice by public servants. Grand juries should begin with prosecutors who withhold exculpatory evidence and systematically use testimony they know to be false. The systematic acceptance of false testimony has become an institutionalized conspiracy and a joke among law enforcers, who arrogantly refer to it as TESTILYING.

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." - Henry David Thoreau

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