I have done some research on the Grand Jury's 5th Amendment Presentment power to independently investigate and demand criminal prosecution of government officials.

There are two reasons Presentments have become "obsolete": (1) grand jurors are not told about this power, and (2) grand jurors don't have enough lead in their pencils to hold press conferences on the courthouse steps when prosecutors refuse to prosecute judges, fellow prosecutors, police, agents, etc.

But "obsolete" does not mean revoked or repealed.

The history of Grand Juries demanding prosecution of corrupt judges and other elected officials, especially during and immediately after prohibition, is very encouraging for our present problems.

A fellow FIJA activist in Tustin has done some research on California law, Penal Code 919(c) and Government Code 3060, plus California and federal case law, on the criminal prosecution and conviction of judges.

I think your initiative and his research could be extremely synergistic. Both of you can argue J.A.I.L. is necessary because judges and government lawyers intimidate and lie to Grand Juries about their existing power.

You can also argue that J.A.I.L. is not radical, untried or extreme. It merely brings the existing power out of the closet.

Peymon Mottahedeh runs the Freedom Law School and is giving an introductory seminar in San Diego February 6, in Orange County February 12, in San Jose February 13 and in Sacramento's Preparedness Expo February 19/20. Peymon has a web site and his e-mail is

I certainly agree with you and Sam Adams that " does not require a majority to prevail,..." And I would really like to see a few in the minority work together, especially in areas like California, so the rest of us hicks-in-the-sticks of Oregon and elsewhere can play monkey see, monkey do.

Too many people spend their lives chasing a few of the millions of bad government monkeys. It is time to concentrate on the organ grinders -- with J.A.I.L.

(Our thanks and appreciation to "Lager." Lager is only a subscriber, not an official part of JAIL, nor did JAIL participate in, or have any foreknowledge of, the writing of this article.)


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