This "Godzilla" Must Be Destroyed!

The author, Ronald Branson, wrote the proposition after experiencing twelve years of frustration with the courts' consistently refusing to address material facts and to follow due process of law. Because of these refusals, what started out as a simple matter has resulted in years of unending litigation to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking basic due process of following law and procedure. The latest episode is depicted in a Ninth Circuit published opinion dated August 1, 1995, entitled Branson v. Nott. Branson's ultimate goal is to effect accountability of the federal judiciary which, being the guardians of individual rights under due process of law, are even more corrupt than the state judiciary. He describes the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in his public speaking engagements, as extremely arrogant and criminally insane, citing his documentation, and stating that these arbitrary judges should be locked up in prison rather than be free to continue endangering the lives of the public and destroying society. This "Godzilla" must be destroyed!

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