The Ninth Circuit, The Enemy Within

From "Southern California Women"
December 1995

Los Angeles - Few understand the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, its all- encompassing power, or its influence upon society and their daily lives. Hopefully, after reading this article, eyes will be opened and concern will be generated to concentrate their effort to bring about change in the Ninth Circuit.

The author of this article, an expert on Ninth Circuit corruption, is well qualified to write on this subject, having had years of experience with them.

As a practical matter, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is the final court of recourse, setting all policies affecting everyone within the western half of the United States. Only in theory is the United States Supreme Court a court to which one may appeal Ninth Circuit decisions. While it does have power to overturn Ninth Circuit decisions, it seldom occurs; but when it does, the Ninth Circuit is known to ignore and even defy Supreme Court decisions reversing them.

For those who may not understand the power and influence of the Ninth Circuit on our lives, let's draw an all-too-real scenario that has been repeated more times than most people could imagine. Suppose enforcement of a truly unconstitutional law has caused you damage. Outraged, you take the matter to Superior Court to challenge the constitutionality of that law. However, you discover you've taken on a political hot potato in which bureaucrats are making eighty-seven million dollars a year off the fraud. The judge knows a proper decision would upset the multi-million dollar enterprise, so he decides to ditch your argument and enter a ruling against you without addressing your challenge. (A true story).

Finding that you've been denied due process of law, you appeal, only to find that the state appellate judges also do not wish to become infamous by overturning the political apple cart, and therefore refuse to address your challenge of denial of due process of law in the lower court. From there you take it to the Supreme Court, state and federal, only to be denied review by both. (Another true story).

In frustration, you take action for injunctive relief in federal district court for denial of due process of law, only to find that the federal judge likewise does not want to upset the apple cart by ruling you've been denied due process of law. So instead he arbitrarily rules that you're challenging a state court decision. From there, you take your argument of denial of due process of law to the Ninth Circuit whose decision sets the policy to continue enforcement of the unconstitutional law without ever having addressed its constitutionality. The bureaucrats continue raking in the eighty-seven million a year creating many more victims, some of which will repeat the above steps likewise to their dismay. It is by this very circular process every bureaucratic rule, statute, law, policy, and procedure, which effects all our daily lives, continues by dictation of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Simply speaking, if it is a continuing wrong, the Ninth Circuit is behind it.

Now let's discuss statistics of the Ninth Circuit and the enormity of their geographic power and control. The Ninth Circuit, headquartered in San Francisco, has 38 judges who oversee all the federal judges and issues throughout nine states consisting of California, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. Of the eleven circuits covering the entire nation, the Ninth Circuit is by far the largest, both by territory and by population of people controlled. On its bench are the nation's most controversial and liberal judges. They enjoy immunity from suit and lifetime perpetuity; they never face or answer to the voters. Their salaries cannot be touched, no matter how treasonous against American principles, corrupt or conspiratorial the court may be. While impeachment by Congress is possible, never in American history has it been done. There are no checks and balances, just sheer unbridled power. The maxim "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," could not be more personified than of the Ninth Circuit. The author affirms that the perpetual and universal corruption of the Ninth Circuit is truly beyond belief going to criminal insanity, and he has all the proof necessary to establish this as fact.

The Ninth Circuit has in the last ten years become the object of intense controversy. Two conservative Republican U.S. Senators, Senator Conrad Burns of Montana and Senator Slade Gorton of Washington are seeking to remove their states from under control of the liberal Ninth Circuit by creating a new circuit, and have recently been successful in getting the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote to split off all states from the Ninth Circuit except California and Hawaii. The bill must yet pass the House before it could become reality. It is the firm opinion of the author that under current status quo, California has no chance of political recovery unless and until the current Ninth Circuit Court is displaced. Until it is, it is vitally important that the citizens of California formulate their own oversight of the California judiciary, creating a forum for redress to avert anarchy.

Ronald Branson
SCRW Member

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